I need to code a http post to request something from a remote server and receive a response. I simply want to integrate sms functioality into my website. I have an account set up with the company at the following website and all I want to do is plug into their sms functionality.

This is the website
Can anyone give me some clues on where to start? I am developing using VB and visual Studio 2008,

I just want an ascx and aspx that would connect to the above service.

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balochdudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HTTPWebRequest Example:

Its not the complete code but it will give you some idea (and its not tested code):

Dim smsRequest as HttpWebRequest = WebRequest.Create("
smsRequest.Method = "POST"
Dim st as Stream = smsRequest.GetRequestStream()
' Send data with st and close st
Use WebRequest or WebResponse.

      Dim objWebRequest As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create(strURL)
      Dim objWebResponse As WebResponse = objWebRequest.GetResponse()
      Dim objStream As Stream = objWebResponse.GetResponseStream()
      Dim objStreamReader As StreamReader = New StreamReader(objStream)
      Dim strHTML As String = objStreamReader.ReadToEnd
Use WebRequest AND WebResponse

-- OR --

Use HTTPWebRequest
JOHNFROGAuthor Commented:
Nice one. Actually I took that and then found which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone foloowing the solution.
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