Known uses of TCP ports 3030 4357?

We are seeing alot of traffic between 2 servers that really shoundt be comunicating and it is on tcp ports 3030 and 4357. does anyone know what theese ports are commonly used for?
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JapyDoogeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does these services names tell you something?
arepa-cas       3030/tcp   Arepa Cas
arepa-cas       3030/udp   Arepa Cas
qsnet-cond      4357/tcp   QSNet Conductor
qsnet-cond      4357/udp   QSNet Conductor

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arepa-cas uses tcp and udp port 3030 and all the info i can find on it says it is not a known virus port. QSNet Conductor uses 4357 tcp and udp.  I know this isn't much but all i could find.
i would suggest doing from cmd

netstat -aon
then check the pid in task manager to see the app using mentioned ports
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JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a good link to the IANA port assignments, or those 'good' applications that have registered and reserved those ports...

Of course, there is nothing to say that some new malware won't use any port it wants too as  long as it is not in use.

And here is very good listing of known virus ports and added info.

You could just block those ports and if no one lodges valid complains, then it was not an authorized use ;-)

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