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I've just install Cisco IP communicator IP soft phone Version 2.0 on to 2 new user laptop which is running Window XP Professional. The setup is correct but when we place calls to either Land lines or cell phones we cannot hear the user but the user on the Laptop can hear. In other words audio form the soft phone is not heard.
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mpamertechAuthor Commented:
As there are more laptops giving these problems we found several reasons: some problems were occuring in external places like hotels where traffic is blocked one way.  also we had a problem with some laptops with microphone and speaker being to close together build on laptops giving an issue.  Others for some strange reason were working whenc ompletely getting out exiting all and coming back in.  So no real resolve nor exact cause of these problems.  But will close this item.
Do you have any Firewall or something?What is the codec used?
mpamertechAuthor Commented:
Yes we are running a firewall but we disable the firewall client and are having the same issue. By the way this is on two different model laptop.
one is a Dell Latitude d630
and a HP Compaq 7400
David LinkerSystems ArchitectCommented:
We have the same configuration - using Dell D series laptops and have also seen this problem.  Calling interanal numbers is not a problem - only calling external numbers via the gateways seems to cause the issue.

However, we only get this problem when using a bluetooth headset.  When we use a wired headset on the same laptop, ut then worked fine - we can hear conversations in both directions.  We suspect the issue is to do with the Bluetooth codec and the codec on the gateways being incompatible.

One of our team tried installing additional codecs on the PC and was able to get it working with a bluetooth headset, but we have not replicated this yet.  Will let you know if we get anywhere with this.

Would also appreciate any feedback on whether you have seen this with bluetooth only or with wired headeset too.
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