Editing a Form document created in Word

I'm using Word 2007.

I have a form document that was created in Word that I have downloaded. I
need to edit several areas of the form, not the fields themselves.

The document is NOT protected (I have confirmed this on both the "Developer"
tab and the "Review" tab). However I can not figure out how I can edit the
contect of the document. It only allows me to go into the fields and type

Can someone help me understand what is required to be able to edit this
document? It's driving me nuts...

FYI -- A copy of the Word Doc file can be downladed from http://ribbs.usps.gov/files/NCOALINK/FSP_INFO/FSP_PAF.DOC
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FlysterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The form you attached is protected. I went to Review - Protect Document - Restrict Formatting and Editing and the "Stop Protection" button was enabled. Once that was clicked, the document was unprotected. I'm not sure, however, if there are any copyrights associated with this form and the US Post Office!
richard_westAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that worked.
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