Writing unbound colum to text field from list box

I have a form with  a list box with 3 columns
1 ID
2 bookid
3 title
The form control source is catalog
The list box control source is query from another table called library.
When user selects bookid (column2)
I want to write column 2 value to field book to table catalog.
I have my list box as 3 column count and bound column 2 .

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karen2662Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I changed the design of the database.
Thanks for your help.
I think you can just set the control source of your listbox to your "book" field.
karen2662Author Commented:
sorry I missed type the data is from a query the control source is the book field.
the problem is it writes from the id  column  instead of column 2. ( it writes the id instead of the bookid)
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Well, if you have the listbox control source set to your book field, and your bound column is the bookid column, it should work fine. I would just make sure you have your columns in the order you think they are, and you are binding to the correct column.
karen2662Author Commented:
yes I have it set correctly but it still writes the ID value in the book field.
Could you possibly attach the database or a sample of it so I can take a look?
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