Multi- language website

Hello All,

I need to develop a website with multi- language feature. When you click French button, it will show you French language website; if you click Spanish it will show you Spanish website and English if you click English button.

How does this work??

Do you need to create separate website for each language or there is any software you just added on your server.

Can some one help me for this??

Thanks in advance for your time and help
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oleberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if the website is dynamic and you clearly separate the layers.

This means that you need to have multiple times presentation layer, the remaining stays equal.

If the website is just a set of static webpages. You just have the presentation layer, and that needs to be duplicated.
You can use google translator. enter your URL into copy and paste the URL out onto your sites link. dont forget  to remove the frame from the top of the page before coying the link.

like here

The way I did it was considering a argument in the URL.
   If the argument exists, you know where you are
   otherwise, check the host.
And send the control to different scripts.

Usually the problem can be solved, without changing more then a Template and run the same code. In the worst cases you have a hash with string for each language.
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skystarAuthor Commented:
thanks zak666999 and oleber for your reply,

I try what zak666999 said, it is very good to see website in different languages.
But I have to develope a website in three different languages, Do I need to develope three different websites or what ????

And oleber, What you means, Do I need only one template? Could you please explain me little more??

Thanks again for your help and time.
The opposite.

Remember of the MVC model, If you have a good template model and with an additional simple file logic you can have the some Model and Control for all this 3 languages.

So If you are careful you just need a different View Layer (Template).
No you dont have to built three different websites.
Here is the link for google translater enter the url at the bottom of the page then pick the Language you would like to translate to and from.
zak666999 please. do you think that you have a acceptable quality. Any automatic translator let you know the main idea of one text, not more then that.

Try to convert one text from English to a Latin Language, and again to English and see the quality of the final text. Notice that English is really a simple language.
skystarAuthor Commented:
thanks again for your reply,
I have to develope simple HTML website for someone, but he want it in three different languanges

Can I do this, even if I do not know that language?? Because I try google website:---

It seams like very easy??
If you don't know the language ...

See your text English - Portuguese - English:

Thanks again for your response,
I have to develop simple HTML site to someone, but he would have liked in three different languanges

I can do it, even if I do not know what language? Because I try Google website: ---

It is very easy seams like?

Feel  happy with the English result, because the Portuguese is terrible.
skystarAuthor Commented:
thanks again,

so what are you suggesting me?
get someone that knows the language and ask his help.
skystarAuthor Commented:
Is it means just developing two duplicate website with language different.
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