Longes range for an economical router

Among Linksys, Netgear, etc...  which router has the longest range but yet economically priced?  I'm sure many here have the experience to know.
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The best router I can recommend is the D-LINK DIR-655, or any of the gamerlounge wireless models. My DIR-655 gives me 4/5 bars, going diagonal through my house about 60ft - with a completely skip-free 130mb/s wireless-n connection. With our original router, I couldn't even get a connection at that range. Here's some links:

DIR-655 $115

DGL-4500 $170

DIR-625 $70

The first 2 have 3 antennas, the last one only has 2. The antennas are standard coaxial antenna hookups, so you can also buy an external high-gain antenna to attach:


but I would say they are uneccesary. Just get a better router like one of these, and if you need more signal, then invest in an antenna as well. Let me know if you have more questions!
or you may check 'belkin n1 wireless router', two of my clients are loving it.

one of the router is covering  a huge warehouse and office area both.

hope it helps.
al4629740Author Commented:
With these products, can I use ANY wireless cards and get the same range?
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no compatibility issue so far. working really well.
they have the following laptops, pcs:
toshiba, hp laptop; (intel wireless chipset)
macbook; imac;
pc with linksys wireless pc card;

hope it helps.
>>>With these products, can I use ANY wireless cards and get the same range?

No, but it would have a great probability of the best possible range for the particular card.
I should mention my wireless card in my laptop:

Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
For the best range and throughput, you want a '802.11n' capable router.
I've had good luck with D-Link brand.
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