add-AttachmentFilterEntry not found in Exchange 2007 SP1


I just installed Exchange 2007 with SP1, I tried to enter the following command in Exchange Management Shell but it said they are not the recognized cmdlet.  This command works when I used the Trial version, if the Exchange Management Shell come with SP1 is not good.

add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.bat -type FileName
add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.exe -type FileName
add-AttachmentFilterEntry -name *.cmd -type FileName

I want to block this file type from Exchange 2007.
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LegendZMConnect With a Mentor Principal Security ArchitectCommented:
No, you cannot add the Edge role to it.  An edge server is to be placed in a DMZ, and not joined to the domain. Think of the Edge as the gateway server for mail going outside of your domain.

However, you can configure the HUB for anti spam agents, just not attachment filtering.

Attachment Filtering is not available on Hub Transport servers
LegendZMPrincipal Security ArchitectCommented:
If you just load up powershell then it won't work, you need to launch the exchange power shell from the start menu.

confirm that you've loaded the proper shell, if still experiencing the problem, let me know.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
I was using Exchange Management Shell which was found in the All Programs.  Is there any Exchange Management Shell can be download again for installation on my Exchange 2007 SP1 64-bit production copy?
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LegendZMPrincipal Security ArchitectCommented:
No... You're using the right one... How many exchange edge servers do you have?

the command can only be used on an Edge Transport server I believe:

Use the Add-AttachmentFilterEntry cmdlet to add an entry to the attachment filter list on a computer that has the Edge Transport server role installed.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
I have one Exchange 2007 server only which is maibox role, client role and hub role.  can I add the Edge role back?
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
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