Open spry data in new window for print-friendly version

Basically, you have a print button, which when clicked, opens a new window containing a simplified data listing for printout. Does all the SPRY dataset configuration need to be repeated on the new page or can it somehow be called from cache and just laid out in a printer-friendly format?
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rowejdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It depends...there's a WHOLE lot of different datasets you can do with SPRY, but not sure which one you're referring to.

But with most, you could place the data you need in cookies or session variables for quicker access to the dataset.  However, it's usually just as simple and almost the same in terms of overall server usage to simply repeat the configuration on the new page that is styled differently.

Another option, however, you may consider...I don't know how much you use CSS, but you can set a completely different style sheet for print than you have for screen display.  And it's actually a very painless process...much easier than creating an entirely new page that you have to have different styles for anyway.

Check out this article:
Here's another article on the same idea, by the same author, but a bit more extensive:
Does this help or is there something else I can do for ya?  Glad to help more if needed.
Is there anything more I can help you with or is this enough to assign points & close out this question?
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