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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console logon authentication

Hi to all,
I do seek help from you all please..My problem
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console logon authentication fail, Even after executing resetpass.bat.. . Still authentication fail messages repeats..(as default password i have tired admin/admin, admin/Symantec/ administrator/Symantec.. resetpass.bat does not seems like doing any process.. it just takes minute in shell screen appearing English. .. nothing more.. and windows closes itself.
But if i do run management server configuration wizard.. it accepts password what i used to have for console password...and update to clients also works fine..but unable to logon console..
Please help me how i can change or reset or retrieve the password.
Thanks for you all in advance.
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1 Solution
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried to change the admin account in the manager console to something else?
if you did then try to apply the resetpass.bat without changing the account name.

If that didn't work then try changing the value in the following reg..
to value 1084A085DC6BD2D755D4D6A7726

This will reset the password to Symantec.

As well if that didn't work Try looking for a file name called "Iforgot.exe" then double click to reset the password.

good luck.
RifaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply...
i have tested with iforgot.exe, it comes up with message like i don't  have symantec antivirus server standalone installed on this computer. and i don't have option in registry for console password
Please advise me if i can try something else..
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I suggest that you try to reinstall SEP ...
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RifaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this advise... i did upgrade to latest edition with MR2_MR1... it  was ok without any trouble... but to login i still have same problem...I tried  resetpass.bat again after upgrade and iforgot.exe... still i cannot get inside the console... i have no idea what happend & what went wrong... i was just thinking if i do ask symantec support can they provide me any tool to edit or change the password.. because we use license for 400 user...

thanks for your time and co-operation... meantime please do suggest if we can try something else..
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Do you have java installed ?
If you have it already installed, clear the cache or Reinstall Java with the latest version.
Restart and check if you can access the console?
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Another question ... ! Are you setting the admin account to authenticate to the SEP server or to Active Directory?

Also have you tried to use any other existing accounts other than the admin and then enable them with authentication to log into the console?

Something else You have to do is to check weather the domain is associated with the admin account in the server database table.
Try resetting your connection to the DB by using the ODBC Data Source Administrator Tool..
RifaaAuthor Commented:
Your first option i am not sure becoz i am just comming back from vacation i forgot...plz. forgive me for this... but i do remember i have an account to authenticate SEP to active directory to sync computer accounts..
and did cleared the cache... and re-installed the java still the same.. (but for this evenif i am trieng to access from any machine with server and port addess.. prompts the same... authentication fial.. please try again..) so i don't know..
and one funny thing is that if i try some other password it returns back qickly as authentication fail... and if i do try logon without password .. prompts me passport must be put..

And i have not created any account in symantec it self ...al what i was used to use was its admin account...
I did try to test connection from odbc but it faill... but if i do manegment server configuration wizard it accepts my password for database maintenance...

I just wanted to know thier is anything like account lockout... i am affraid.. may be this account has disabled or locked... how i will see it.. or how i can change or create new account some other way..

I really appriciate your time boss.... thank for all you support.. i will sure we will find the way... to break.. if so i will update you and .. i am sure you will help me for this...
You need to wait for 30 minutes for the administrator account to unlock itself before trying to login again after running the reset.

RifaaAuthor Commented:
thanks all for your time...
i was having symantec support...when i contacted them with all log files..
they said it's database mismatch, so i must re-install symantec..
- there is no database currupt..
- no locking of admin account..

This problem was thier for me before upgrade of my symantec...
Now it's up to you all to think what would be right like...now i am going to re-install...

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