How to extend wireless range.

Hi I would like to extend my wireless range and I was hoping you guys could give me some good tips on the best hardware to do so.I need some recommendations on a very good quality omni antenna and a very good wireless adapter to boosts or strengthen the range of the attenna connected to it...I don't think i would use a directional antenna it would be over kill.I just want something to reach nothing more than 2 miles.....I am considering 2 hawkings products.A wireless booster here   and an omni attenna here
Could you please let me know if I have made the right choice?Or any better products or recommendations will be greatly appreciated..Thanks..
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Darr247Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In north and south america the legal limit is 100mw unless you're a licensed HAM. I don't know if europe has a similar exception for HAMs or not. Typically, the high power amps are made for commercially licensed operations not operating in the free 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

You're better off using highly directional antennae on both ends. Pushing higher power out of an omni  will create interference with other nearby systems; A higher-gain omni antenna will also pickup more unwanted interference (from nearby systems, microwaves, cordless phones, et cetera).
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
my advice is:
when the technical datasheet say 1000 feet, read "250 feet" (in omnidirectionnal technology)
so basically, you have to find something that will do 8 miles to do 2 miles

with a directionnal antenna, the range is better, but the antenna have to be outside (no walls)

using a directionnal antenna to reach 2 miles is not overkill at all
because i know no product at all that will reach that range without a directionnal antenna

unless you pay 2000$+ of course

platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
Well I have been told that products that have or deliver 300mw of output power for example alfa wireless adapter 500mw.If i connect that to an omni antenna I should get great distance i have been i was hoping to get some recommendations on how to achieve this....or even better hardware that you guys have used and tested that you find deliver exceptional results....can anyone interject?
Serge FournierAnalyst ProgrammerCommented:
radio waves (short frenquencies)
is what most cities use to connect pump stations, not regular computer wireless

the reason for that is wireless, as i said, is not ready to do long distances

so chek for radio comunication, with computers
platinumsteelAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks a lot for your input...i think i would try to use directional antennas and use it on both ends
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