Setting time in Windows 98

I am trying to do windows update on a 98 system and when I do, Microsoft's website says my time is out of sync.  There is no time in the lower right hand corner of the taskbar - how do I set the time to sync with a server?
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Do it manually by going into

Control Panel

I don't think that Win98 has the time synchronisation from a standard source feature, but if you connect it to say, a Netware network, when you login to the network the time is synchronised from the server.
huntsonAuthor Commented:
date/time is not an option in 98
It is, because I have a Windows 98 pc which I've checked it with, before posting my Comment.
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Has this pc been given the Policy Editor treatment?
huntsonAuthor Commented:
well I do not and no this pc has not been given that treatment
This is from my pc

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Are you running TweakUI?

Check Control Panel for the icon.

You can turn off Control Panel icons/entries with TweakUI.

You could always go into DOS and change the time and date there, or do it from the BIOS on booting the pc.

In DOS, as you are no doubt already aware type:-


to amend them.  You could put these commands into a BAT file in lieu of doing it through the control panel.
You can do it on the command line (Start -> Run -> command) using the commands "date" and (I don't know if this exists on Win98, "time").
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
You'll need an application to sync your time with a time server somewhere.

Here's a list of some available.

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command /c time

will do the time command in the Start Run command box
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