Hide TWebBrowser ScrollBar

The following code works in Delphi-7 fine. But D-2005,2006 & 2007, OleObject.Document property is not available.

WB.OleObject.document.body.style.overflowX := 'hidden';
WB.OleObject.document.body.style.overflowY := 'hidden';

Any solution please.
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Russell LibbySoftware Engineer, Advisory Commented:

I could get the code to run on D5, but it did NOT remove the scrollbars. The best way to handle this is to set the flags in the IDocHostUIHandler.GetHostInfo(...) interface call. Luckily, the EmbeddedWB browser (same IE AX control, better VCL wrapper) already implements this. It can be downloaded from:


If you handle the OnGetHostInfo event you can specify no scrollbars. Eg:

function TForm1.WBGetHostInfo(var pInfo: TDOCHOSTUIINFO): HRESULT;
  // No scroll bars




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SHAHEEN_AKHTARAuthor Commented:
I am exploring for other solutions. I success, then I will post it. Thanks for Kind reply. Regards
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