How to create COM sink using MFC?


I am having difficulties implementing a sink for a COM object dispatch interface. This is an MFC console application, so using wizards to add CCmdTarget automation is not an option.

I am not having any issues with using other interfaces (calling from my app into the COM object). It is the sink where I am running into a snag (from _Notify).

Here is a snippet of the TLH file, for which I need to implement the sink:
struct __declspec(uuid("2e21b3ec-f00f-f00f-8973-46d109c82f47"))  _TheLib;
struct __declspec(uuid("C3520671-f00f-f00f-9b96-0060083968AE")) _Notify;

TLI file for the interface of interest:
inline HRESULT _Notify::OnNotifyMsg ( )
    HRESULT _result = 0;
    _com_dispatch_method(this, 0x2, DISPATCH_METHOD, VT_ERROR, (void*)&_result, NULL);
    return _result;

Here is the IDL:
library TheLib
    // TLib :     // TLib : OLE Automation : {00020430-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

    // Forward declare all types defined in this typelib
    dispinterface _Notify;

    dispinterface _Notify{
            HRESULT OnNotifyMsg();

I've generated the  IDispatch wrapper class using the Add Class from Typelib Wizard. I've then attempted to inherit and extend the method which I am interested in - but the sink never receives any events.

I would greatly appreciate help with this. I've tried many different ways of doing this, and have looked through other posts about this subject on Experts Exchange - without too much help.

Thanks everyone!

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NotLogicalConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you for your help... I think this will work!
DanRollinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
THis codeproject article should provide some clues.
   Handling COM Events in a Console Application
NotLogicalAuthor Commented:

The article you offered is quite interesting, although the XYDispDriver class which is discussed only connects one COM object's dispatcher to another one. This is done in a console application, but it unfortunately does not create a sink within said console application.


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