Suspicious file in C

hello there,

i have noticed i have two files in my C:/ called 888 and has 52 MB and the other is about 31 MB. I dont know what these files are or how it came here in the first place. also when i tried to delete them it says being used by other user. this made me suspicious about these files. i want to know are these virus,spyware,trojans. how do i get to know more about these files. appreciate your help

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rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The jpeg attachment is not very clear for me to see, what does it say in the Description?
I would be confident to delete it if it was in my pc.

In Explorer, when you're viewing your files in "Details" and with " Date Created" check all the files that was created at that exact time and see what program matches. And if none matches then that 's just a leftover file.
I would just delete it or rename it(if you're not sure)
sistemuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello zolf,
Have you tried finding any new processes in Task Manager(Ctrl + Alt + Del). Anything with resemblance in name...

If this is not working for you, try rebooting your machine in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts loading) and try then to delete.

Hope this helps
zolfAuthor Commented:

no i dont see anything in the TM with that name. can i know which application is using this file
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If you have Vista i think you can try in "Reliability and performance". It should appear the file and with it, the process using it.
In XP i don't know similar program.
It could be a remnant of a smitfraud 888 toolbar, or could be a remnant folder of some other programs, I assume they are folders and not file or are they?
If you rightclick in those folders and click on Properties what does it say?

zolfAuthor Commented:

i have attached a screen shot.
zolfAuthor Commented:

please help
zolfAuthor Commented:

click on the image to view it large
I did zoom on the image but can't make out what the description is, it looks like an "RF8" or something.
Anyway I would just delete that file.
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