Modulating IP camera over television

I have a security camera I am installing in my house.  It is a PoE ip camera.  Most likely I will use a Axis brand. If necessary I can have a computer running to process the signal if there is a software based solution for this.  For my television I am originating a signal using HDMI cable.

I would like to modulate the video signal over a single television channel that currently receives cable service on channels 3-1xx.  I have a digital television.

I know how to do this using analog cameras and televisions using a simple notch filter.  But I dont know how this can be done using digital technology.
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you go with an axis unit then you can download the Axis Video Capture Driver,

This allows you to setup a broadcast from a computer running Windows Media Encoder.  Then using a home media extender type appliance it can be made available on the TV through s-video etc.  This would apply to all axis camera's which have M-JPEG streaming.

If the camera does MPEG-1,2 or 4 streaming directly I would think one of these media extenders/server appliances may be able to pick up the stream directly from the camera if it can browse the network.

Just using a camera with a analog output would be far less complicated.  If you want an IP camera for other reasons there are a number of camera's that provide analog video out as well as being network cameras.
If you can output s-video, this package will let you do it:  Many pc video cards have an s-video output port that you can use for this purpose.
woodchuxAuthor Commented:
The problem I see with this approach is that it appears you are forced to have the computer screen permanently displaying the camera view.  This isn't terribly practical.

Ideally, there would be software to transmit the video feed from the camera using a specified IP address over the S-video even if the computer screen is displaying something else, but this package doesn't seem to offer that.
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It sounds like you may be better off with an analog camera, since that would be more suitable for RF distribution.  The equipment for that is well-known and the methodology established.
woodchuxAuthor Commented:
Can you clarify what is a home media extender and how it is used?
I am not familiar with this.
Thank you.
Here's a general description,

Here's a number of units from D-Link,
I have the DLink DSM-520.  It basically connects to your wireless network acting as an access point and you designate the folders which have the media files.  You can then play them on the TV that is connected to this device, so you need one for every TV or a way to split the video among TVs.
Rajkumar GsSoftware EngineerCommented:

I have posted a related question and in trouble finding a solution. can you guys have a look at it please ?

Any help would be highly appreciated.
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