Trying to get an Authorization code for transferring a domain name

I am trying to get the Authorization Code for transferring my domain name from to

The problem is is totally Korean while I no nothing about this language.

Any one can help me to get that code.

Thank you,
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ehabafiaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I tried that solution but still no response from these stupids.

I gave up.

Try using

This might help you to understand the text and to give them a response.

If all else fails ref to what the Registra need for a legal transfer. Then you can cut them out of the loop.

Hopes this helps
ehabafiaAuthor Commented:
The problem is that all there links is in Korean and it's not text, it's graphics.
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Dear ehabafia

What type of domain is it. /.com / net ?

Do a whois on your domain and email the Administrative Contact,  / Google for whois .com for .com whois site.
Ask them what they need from you to transfer the domain.

If this does not work contact the registra to do a legal transfer. (If you give me the domain type I can help.)

Good luck
ehabafiaAuthor Commented:
the domain is and I am trying to transfer it but the problem is that the registrar is a Korean company who have there site from a-z in Korean language.

The guy who register it for me registered it from which they are the agent of the Koreans.  They don't have a phone number and they don't reply to the contact emails.

The company that I am trying to transfer the domain to asked me for an authorization code which I suppose getting it from the old registrar but can't communicate with them.

Please help.
I am welling to increase the score to a 1,000 points if someone can solve it for me.

Here is the details of who the domain belongs to recording to the registra. (.com)
Administrative Contact:
 Ihab Abu Afia(Sameer saheel)
 Pobox 2770 Riyadh, Malaz
 Tel : +96614767010        Fax : +96614792186

Email them and ask them to release the domain.
After that Send a Formal Letter of Authirazation for transfer of domain from Current ISP to New ISP, to your NEW ISP. Ask them to FAX it to them. You can do this yourself if you want to.
If you get no reply on that then you need to start with a Legal Transfer. That means that you need to prove that the domain is your. You new ISP must help you with that.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

D ;)
ehabafiaAuthor Commented:
You don't understand,  I am Ihab Abu Afia and Sameer Saheel is the owner of the domain and he is my friend and he is the one who want the domain to be transferred.  The problem is that we have to contact the registrar to give us the authorization code so that we can transfer the domain but the problem is that they are Koreans and they don't speak any other language.

What is the formal letter of Authorization for transfer
visit their site and see, it's
My new ISP told me that they can't help me without the Authorization code.

If they dont understand English please try 

Type a email to them and translate it to Korean.

Eg Please transfer domain translate to       
¡XÜ0 Èä ÄTx

Hopes this helps.

D ;)
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