Decrypting EFS Files on standalone workstation

I have a stand-alone workstation with Windows XP Pro /SP2  installed which has some files and folders encrypted, but the user account has been deleted.  I went through the steps of creating a Data Recovery Agent, but neither it or the Administrator can open these or change the permissions.  

Is there any way to recover these items?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's a 3rd party tools that might help:
bobsully53--Decryption can also be done within Windows, but it is a little complicated and may no longer be possible if the user account that encrypted is gone.
bobsully53Author Commented:
In my case using the 3rd party app was more costly, but as I was under a time constraint the best solution.  rindi provide me with an a link to a product that worked 100% as expected.
bobsully53Author Commented:
While costly, this was the quickest solution to the issue and that was my requirement.
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