OL Rules: OWA or Client Side?

I'm looking for some clarification on how to setup several OL forward/redirect rules, please.

I'm using OL 2003 on my notebook and Exchange 2007 Webmail for my OWA rules.

I understand that a rule set-up via OWA runs on the server regardless whether (or not) I have OL open on my notebook.

What I don't understand is how several forwarding rules that I have set-up on my notebook still appear to run even if the notebook does not have OL open.

Am I missing something, please?

Why this has me confused is that I'd rather NOT have to deal with OWA rules if I can simply configure everything from my notebook (e.g., forward all messages with "X,Y,Z" in the subject to "Mike@123").

What am I missing that my current forwarding ruels seem to be working even when OL is not running?

Many thanks!

Post Script: In poking at this some more, I think my question should have been:

Do I need to log into OWA (via the web) in order to configure OL rules that I want to run all the time (even when my notebook is off) or can I simply use my OL 2003 Tools to configure these rules?

Apologies for the lack of clarity.

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blockmentalAuthor Commented:
Just edited this for clarity.
There are two types of rules in Outlook when connected to an Exchange mailbox. A client side rule, and a server-side rule.

The majority of rules are server-side rules. This means that the rule is stored at the server, and when mail is received by Exchange, the rule will be immediately processed and the appropriate action taken on the incoming mail. By default, all rules are server-side rules.

You will see a client-side rule if your rule contains some complex actions or operations, which are only supported in Outlook and not on the server. A client-side rule will be created if your rule requires files in the Outlook profile, files on the client workstation or some other features which cannot be accessed by the server.

There is a further explanation at http://www.slipstick.com/rules/serverbased.htm for your information, including a list of conditions and actions which will make the rule run client-side.

Basically, any rule you create in Outlook which doesn't prompt you about client-side rules is a server-side rule: it will run whether Outlook is open or not, because the Exchange Server processes it as soon as the mail arrives. These are the rules you will see in OWA. If you are prompted when creating a rule that it is client-side, then it will only run when Outlook is open.

well , 2 parts :)

1 )  http://www.slipstick.com/rules/serverbased.htm , a nice defined explanation , and a some "extra" explanations... read it for the curiosity :)

2 ) OWA , is a fully server based user experiance , that is ... all you create , edit  etc.. resides on the server... so NO :) you don't have to logon to owa for the rules to be processed , the ones you can create in OWA are limited only to server based operations.

to sum this up, you should rather understand number 1 to see if you need server rules , or client rules.

hopes this closes your gap
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lol !!! same answer almost :) this forum rox.
Dual post - at least we both agree with each other!
blockmentalAuthor Commented:
Thanks tigermatt,

This helps!

If you wouldn't mind please, I asked this same question of the folks that provide our hosted exchange service and they indicated that I needed to add "forward/redirect" rules via logging into my account and setting the rules up through OWA interface.  

What you're suggesting (and what I believe that I'm experiencing) is that I can use my notebook OL 2003 to set up these rules WITHOUT having to muck with the web interface.

blockmentalAuthor Commented:
Hey Guys,

You've just saved me the better part of a Sunday afternoon NOT having to bang my head some more.

Is there anyway that I can award you both 50 points for the EXTREMELY prompt replies???

:) glad to help.. click tiger this time, i'll catch up next time around

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>>> What you're suggesting (and what I believe that I'm experiencing) is that I can use my notebook OL 2003 to set up these rules WITHOUT having to muck with the web interface.

That's correct - if it doesn't tell you it's a client-side rule, it will be a server-side rule automatically.

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