The BIOS can't find my IDE CD/DVD device, which I need to be my boot device so I can install OS

I am building a new PC build.  Ive done about a dozen PCs over the last few years, so Im not a complete newbie but not an expert either.  With everything put together the PC POSTs fine but will not find the boot device.  I get the error Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key 

I have two SATA hard drives and an IDE CD.DVD drive.  The CD/DVD drive is the one I want to boot from so I can install Windows.  During POST a Jmicron driver loads and properly identifies and sees the CD/DVD drive.  However, when I go into BIOS on the "Main" BIOS page, it does not list any IDE devices (only the 6 SATA drives of which two have hard drives attached).  This main page is where I would normally expect to see all detected devices including any IDE devices (but I don't see my IDE CD/DVD on this BIOS page).  Looking at the "Boot" tab in the BIOS under the option Boot Device Priority I see a list of drives that are bootable, and the CD/DVD drive shows up on this list!  But, even after I set the CD/DVD drive to be the first bootable device I still get the error message Reboot and Select proper Device&

Mob = ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX
BIOS = 607
CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W (45nm)
Power = Corsair CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V/EPS12V
Memory = Corsair XMS2-8500   this is DDR2 1066MHz
Hard drives = Western Digital Caviar 750GB
Video Card = Gigabyte GeForce 8500GT
DVD = Samsung WriteMaster SH-S202N (triple-format PATA drive which reads and burns DVD, dual-layer DVD, and CD format media)
Case = Antex P182

I have tried several IDE cables and several CD/DVDs from other working PCs, still no luv frown

I guess the main question in my mind is -----  do I have a bad mob or is this maybe a BIOS issue?
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In your BIOS there should be a setting for the SATA controller to run in enhanced mode or compatible mode.

If you go under main and then go to SATA configuration what are the SATA drives set at for "Configure SATA as"?
AxeTracksAuthor Commented:
my CD/DVD drive is connected via 80 pin cable to the primary IDE controler on the mob.   The SATA controller is running in enhanced mode, with the SATA configured as IDE (not AHCI or RAID)
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Change it to AHCI, it will enhance the performance and should fix the issue.
dshroutaitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I may need to be corrected but I believe that will fix your issue, although you may need your SATA drivers on bootup if your installing Windows XP.
PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might change the ide cable see if it helps. Also make sure no damage seen at connector on board and device.
RartemassConnect With a Mentor Author, martial arts coach, IT ConsultantCommented:
In some BIOSs Optical drive support is disabled by default (we get it all the time at work).
You may need to locate a entry in the BIOS to enable optical drives.
It is usually in the first few pages.
double posted - here my previous answer :
in the bios,
check if the JMicron PATA Controller is set to enabled (in the advanced>onboard device configuration- page 4-26
AxeTracksAuthor Commented:
OMG!!!   I am such a MORON!!  This is a very embarrassing post.  We ALL missed the most obvious thing.  I feel really really dumb, the boot disk I have been trying to use is damaged and wont boot!!!!  I finally tried it another PC and of course got the exact same error Reboot and Select proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.  This is the equivalent of checking to make sure the PC is plugged in!
Sorry about that all.   Thanks for all the help.  Im going to award points on for those that were at least in the right direction.
Dshroutait  no points&  AHCI is not a good thing to enable during initial build as it almost always requires an extra driver.  If at all, do it later after you have stable build.  Doing it during trouble shooting only will complicate the issues.  Also, no points for the setting the SATA controller response, It is not related to a problem with the IDE controller on the primary IDE port on the mob.  Yes you can make SATA ports act like IDE ports but I clearly stated that I had an IDE device plugged into an IDE port.  I will reward points though for sticking with it and trying to help  thanks!
PUNKY  soooooo close, you were totally in the ball park but just needed to go one more inch and say Check the boot media by trying it in a working PC to make sure the CD is bootable.  You get points.
Rartemass:  Never seen this setting in any BIOS, but Ill take your word for it.  Some points
Nobus:  You had the most informed answers and displayed the most applicable knowledge good job (wrong answer but good job).  You get half the points
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