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Assistance with small network setup

I have setup a local network at home.
I have ADSL working and all computers communicating to the Billion router.

I require assistance setting up some specifics.

Ultimately I want the following:
1-Xbox 360 and Wii connecting to the Internet. (Have this working now).
2-Home Theater PC connecting to the network but have all connections to and from the Internet blocked.
3-Laptop connect to network and Internet, including P2P. (Laptop is running Ubuntu).
4-Second PC connected to network, and access to internet only when I enable it. No connection by default.

I am having some issues with number 2 and 3 mostly. The HTPC has never connected to the internet and I never intend it to, thus I do not have a firewall or anti-virus software on it.

First question: How do I block all incoming and outgoing connections to the Internet on this PC (Windows XP SP3) while maintaining connections to the local network (via wireless)????

The second issue is that when I enable the firewall on the Billion, my P2P gets blocked. I am unable to find where it is getting blocked in the firewall.

Second question: Should port forwarding bypass the blocks on the firewall, and if so where can I get some good information about setting it up????

For point 4, I have Trend Micro 2008 installed and figure I can 'halt all internet traffic' by default with that, then allow it when I require the Internet (about once per week for an hour).

Last question: Is there anything I should be wary of, or anything else I have forgotten????
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1 Solution
Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
2 -   set a static IP and put in a false gateway.  Traffic will not route but your othe computers will see it.

RartemassService Desk AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assistance casedog.
I set the network up with static IP as suggested and put the gateway as on the HTPC.
It can connect to the network and not connect to the internet. Works fine. I'll give you some points when I get some answers to the rest.

To get the second PC setup as required I used my Trend Micro firewall.
I used one connection profile to connect to internet and network.
I created another profile that blocked all communications on all ports except for transmissions to and from the specified IP addresses, namely the HTPC.
Now I can switch between the two profiles via the context menu from the system tray.

My only remaining issues are the following:

-How to connect the Ubuntu laptop to the Windows network (number 3 above).
-How do I confirm that incoming internet traffic is not reaching the HTPC?
-Should I enable the firewall on the router? I have WPA security on the wireless network, with MAC address filtering. I have a software firewall on one PC, but none on the others (ubuntu laptop and HTPC).

RartemassService Desk AnalystAuthor Commented:
I found a link to setup a network between Ubuntu and Windows. Basically I need to install Samba on Ubuntu.

Link here:

The only issue left open is the router's firewall settings.

Unless anyone thinks its a bad idea, I will simply not have the firewall enabled on the router.

I'll leave the question open for a few more hours and if no response I will grant all points to casedog.

Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
Samba yes

you can save yourself a lot of hassle by doing this....

If you are running kde or gnome desktops
temporarily hit   ctrl+alt then F1 that will give you the console

login with your username and pass

type the following

sudo bash   -->enter in your password when it asks
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
scroll down with the arrow keys until you see a line that starts with cdrom
put a # sign in front of it
then ctrl+x then yes to save as that filename

then type
apt-get update
apt-get install samba -y
you may already have it installed it will say something about no new packages or whatever.
that is fine

now type this
mkdir /webminfiles
chmod 777 /webminfiles
cd /webminfiles
wget http://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/webadmin/webmin-1.420.tar.gz
tar xvzf webmin-1.420.tar.gz
cd webmin-1.420
chmod 777 /webminfiles -R

Answer the questions that it asks. Defaults are ok.
enter in your password for webmin when it asks this can be anything as long as there are no special characters    
ie:    !@#$%^&*()

once you are done with all this type exit 2x

should take you back to login

press ctrl+alt+F7 to go back to ubuntu desktop

open up your favorite browser and go to http://localhost:10000   (10000 is the port if you left it at defaults)
enter username and password (the ones you setup during webmin setup)

you should see a page now
This makes samba a server setup very easy to manage.
On the left you should see a server tab.
click on it and then click on samba
It is pretty much self explanitory at this point.

you can test your shares from your windows box
start-->run--> type in    \\ip_of_your_linuxbox\    then press enter

you should see if nothing else basic printer shares plus whatever other shares that you set up in webmin.
You can also administer the webmin page from any machine        http:\\ip_of_your_linuxbox_or_hostname:10000

As you add more functionality to ubuntu more items to administer will show up in webmin.

Webmin doesn't do everything for linux / unix but it sure makes it a lot easier.

good luck


RartemassService Desk AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks heaps.
All your help worked a treat.

I've accepted the first comment as the answer as it solved most of the issues.

The info on installing and setting up samba was also very useful and should be looked at by future readers with this issue. I didn't accept it as an assist only because the comment was from the same expert.

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