Reinstall XP, secondary hard drive not recognized now

Hey all, here's the dilemma:

Home computer:

Athlon X2 4200+
ASRock Dual-SATA939 motherboard
nVidia GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
Disk 1: C: drive: 300 GB Maxtor SATA drive
Disk 2: Ubuntu is detected in Windows....Primary IDE drive
Disk 3: D: drive: 500GB Western Digital - SATA 2 drive
Windows XP Pro SP2

That was my configuration.

System kept locking up repeatedly and after many tests I knew it wasn't a hardware issue. Rather than troubleshoot I figured I would just transfer my data to my D: drive (the 500GB WD drive) which is my storage drive, and then reinstall XP to the Maxtor SATA drive.

Reinstalled XP, started installing in the following order:

1) XP installation
2) Motherboard drivers (installed ULi SATA and USB drivers)
3) XP Updates to SP2.
4) DirectX updates
5) video card updates

Everything installed perfectly and the system has been running flawlessly without the lockups that plagued me.

The only problem now is that Windows doesn't see my Western Digital drive so I cannot retrieve all the data I backed up to it.

NOTHING has changed in the BIOS.

NOTHING has changed hardware wise (nothing removed or added, no jumper changes, etc.).

The system is the SAME as right before my XP reinstallation and no, I am POSITIVE I did not overwrite the Western Digital drive.

The drive is detected in BIOS but not in Windows XP. Not in Device Manager or Computer Management.

Any ideas? I'm at wits end here!

Thanks in advance. :)
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WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Any Bangs !, X's, ?'s in Device manager?
Are you sure you have the right Sata drives loaded?
Double check the bios to make sure that the SATA drives are not set to raid or anything like that?
Check in disk management see if the drive seen there? If so, you might assign drive letter for it.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
And I do understand that you said nothing changed...but something is not working, just asking for the sake of just making sure.
aseusaincAuthor Commented:
Punky: Disk shows up in BIOS. Does NOT show up in Device Manager or Disk Management.

Wakeup: No notifications in Device Manager. All I have is a ! regarding a PCI device which I think is my USB 2.0 PCI card that I have yet to load drivers for.

I double checked the BIOS. Nothing changed. SATA 2 is set to SATA mode. (It has 2 modes: RAID or SATA).
aseusaincAuthor Commented:
I even tried installing Western Digital's LifeGuard tools and they do not see the drive at all.
If the drive is sata II then try jumper limit it to 150 see if it appears in windows?
aseusaincAuthor Commented:
I overlooked a SATA driver.

The motherboard uses a ULi northbridge and southbridge, but the SATA 2 driver is based off a JMicron SATA driver.

I'm gonna give you some points wakeup for pushing me to recheck the drivers. :)

Thanks fellas!
Then you should give the point and good grade for Wakeup though, why delete question and only 25 points assigned?
I have no objection if asker wanted to delete the question, but I wonder that Wakeup's suggestion that help or leading to right answer. The points and good grade should be given to Wakeup.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Thanks comment basically asked to check for drivers for the Sata controller.  And as you stated you missed comment was correct?!  Was it not?
I can understand maybe a B grade or something but I did have the right line of thinking let alone the correct answer really....considering the information given.
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