Cisco 3700 looses its Startup config every time i reboot

When I make configuration changes to the running config, i save them by going to the router# "copy running-config startup-config"  After I finish this I go to the startup config and view it.  I can see the changes that I made.  To test that it saves the changes I reboot and all the changes that I made are gone and its asking me if I want to start the setup mode as if it had never been configured at all.

Summary: WHere do I save the startup-config file to so that I can save my changes when I reboot?

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rynoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do a 'show version' and make sure that your configuration register is set to 0x2102.

If it isn't - enable - configure terminal - config-register 0x2102

You can find more on configration registers here:
Your configuration register is wrong.

You can fix it under config mode by entering the following: config-register 0x2102
(I type to slow lol)
jonas_pinaAuthor Commented:
Easy peazy,  Thanks a bunch...I picked this responder because he sent me right to the solution.  Thanks everyone for all your help...

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