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Array size


is there a built in function to get size of array ? thanks
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try use
>> is there a built in function to get size of array ?

Depends what you mean by that. If you mean you want to get the size of a statically defined array, you can do this :

        Object array[10];
        int size = sizeof(array) / sizeof(array[0]);

and size will have the value 10.

This ONLY works for statically allocated arrays though.

Can you be a bit more specific ?
zizi21Author Commented:

i have an array which is dynamically allocated...

i want to know the number of elements..currently, i am looping through the array to find the number of elements...maybe..., i thought, there is a built in function...
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>> i have an array which is dynamically allocated...

There is no way of knowing the size of a dynamically allocated array from the pointer alone. So, you'll have to store the size of the array somewhere, either using a separate integer value, or by using a terminator in the array. The latter is commonly used for char arrays (strings), where a standard strlen function exists that gets the length of the string by looking for the terminator.

The most common way is to just store the size separately :

        int *array = (int*) calloc(10, sizeof(int));
        int size = 10;

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zizi21Author Commented:
thanks a million
No problem. Glad to be of assistance :)
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