MS Project Server Requirements

I am looking to setup a Microsoft Project 2007 server environment for 10 users.  What components do I need to do this?

Obviously MS Project Server, but is this all?  Does a CAL give everyone access to create, manage and run projects on this?  Or do they need a version of Project each to do this?

Also, is SQL Server needed to run in the background on this?
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bobsegrestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello CaringIT,

No!  Microsoft requires that you have a CAL for each Project Server account.

Microsoft actually keeps count for you...  If you open the Server Setting page in PWA and click on the About Project Server link it will tell you how many Project Server users and Project Professional user you have.  Note that the Project Server users number will also include the Professional users.  Subtract the number of Professional users from the number of Project users and you will have the number of CAL that you are legally supposed to have.

As you have surmised Project Professional does indeed include a CAL.

Having said all of this, there is nothing that I am aware of that enforces CAL licensing from a technical perspective at this time.  You should do the right thing and purchase the CALs, but the system is going to work either way.

Does this answer your question?

Bob Segrest, PMP
MCITP, Microsoft Project Blackbelt
jbfraserConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Project Professional 2007 will be required for users to create projects. This is typically a small subset of the users connecting to Project Server.

Project Server will install and use SQL Server Express edition, a limited version of SQL server. This version does not support "Data Analysis:" the OLAP portion of Project Server. These views are used for some types of reporting on projects in the system.

So you may be able to get by with the Project Server license and a few Project Professional licenses.

Typically a Project Server install is a pretty involved task: you should consider having a partner with EPM experience help you. The configuration of options and views can take weeks.

James Fraser
CaringITAuthor Commented:
How does Project Standard fit in?  Can this work with the Server at all as we already have four or five of these installed.
Hello CaringIT,

In addition to the points that James listed, I would also note that unless you already have them, you will need a Windows Server 2003 license for your server and a Windows Server CAL (client access license)  for each of your users.

The key difference between Project Standard and Project Professional is that ONLY Project Professional can talk to a Project Server.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to upgrade a Standard license to Professional.  Plan on purchasing a new set of Project Professional licenses.

Also keep in mind that one of the reasons for deploying Project Server in most organizations is to allow stakeholders access to project status and data without the need to purchase and learn Microsoft Project Professional.  My point is that unless all ten of your users are actively managing projects, you may not need 10 Pro licenses.

Finally, let me passionately agree with James's recommendation to seek the council of an EPM Partner.  There is a great deal more to good project management than installing a server.  If you want the effort to succeed, you need to understand your organization's objectives, your management's commitment's, the process changes needed and the disciplines required.

Bob Segrest, PMP
MCITP, Microsoft Project Blackbelt
CaringITAuthor Commented:
Are MS Project CALs concurrent users or named users?
And does a Project Pro license iinclude a CAL or do we still need to purhcase these as well?
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