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I have a number of emails (only 15Kb each) stuck in the outbox of Outlook 2007. I was sending an email shot to clients using the email merging wizard in Word 2007 and they have always worked ok in the past but now they are stuck.

I can not open the emails individually, it says "Cannot open this item" and I can not delete them, it says "Some items cannot be deleted. They were either moved or deleted alreasy, or access was denied".

What can I do about this? I cannot find a way to clear the outbox and send more emails...

Any advice is appreciated.
Kind regards,
JackHodsonIT ManagerAsked:
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Check this link

JackHodsonIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hi Sandeep, I have tried that and the Scan tool is not in the 1033 folder so I ran the CNFNOT32.EXE and nothing seems to happen.

For info, Outlook 2007 is connected to Exchange SP2 in SBS 2003 NOT in Cached mode. It is just live with the Exchange.

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