HP LaserJet 1018 or 1022 or 1020 attached with Windows XP not printing though LPR Solaris, spooler problem on windows xp driver

Posted on 2008-06-23
Last Modified: 2009-12-13
I have HP LaserJet 1018 attached with Windows XP through USB , locally working fine . but when certain users try to print by using LPR port (though Unix Sun Solaris ) over the network the print spooler locks up and has to be reset. Once the spooler is restarted all the print jobs come through just fine. And its acts like printing but nothing out form the printer , I can note spooling process on the windows XP driver but suddenly it disappeared without print the job
This happened with also hp LaserJet 1020, 1022, and some other drivers hang the job on spooling queue  
. Does anyone have any ideas?
Question by:nnnddd
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ID: 21852634
Your problem is almost certainly related to the fact those printers are host-based or GDI printers.  They are basically Windows printers and depend on Windows and the drivers.  Networking and running on non-Windows machines is almost always difficult or even impossible.

The only real solution is to share the printer from a Windows machine if you want to network it.  Of course this means the printer only works when that computer is on but it is a way to get this to work.  If the printers had internal network cards then that may help to get this to work but, as I recall, none of those models come with network cards.

If you need a printer that works with Unix and other non-Windows computers or will reliably network then look for one with built in language support (e.g. PCL), especially if it is a laser printer.

Let me know if you have a question about this or need more info.


Author Comment

ID: 21862988
Thanks pol ,
Let me explain more plz
We have oracle EBS 9 under SUN Solaris 10 OS , all users use internet browser to run our application (Oracle EBS ) web enabled application
How we had connected printers?
1-      Install driver locally in windows , then share it
2-      Install (printer services for Unix) (LPR) &&this from CP > add /remove >add windows components > other network , printer services&
3-       then add LPR port for this printer from printer properties >ports and local IP
4-      Now windows xp or 2000 act like LPR server
5-      From SUN Solaris add network printer with windows xp IP address ( add share name and IP (for windows xp)

All printers working like this Solaris forward any print job to windows Xp (which act as printer server), windows will user printer's driver to print

All other type of printers even LaserJet 1010, LaserJet 1012 , LaserJet 1015 , and all old printers from Hp , also Epson , canon all without any problem
Only Hp LaserJet 1018, 1020,1022 , p1000 , p1005 . I think also these kind of printers have problem if   it shared with XP and print through network by windows vista
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Expert Comment

by:Hanno Schröder
ID: 21864226
How did you install the printer(s) in Solaris?
You should only (!) use the method I've mentioned in my answer

If this is not a postscript printer, omit the installation of the filters and use
  -T unknown -I any
for the lpadmin command
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Author Comment

ID: 21865873
All printers had been added by using a following command

root@prod # lpadmin -p printersharename -s -D finance

where printesharename : is sharing name for the printer in windows computer
and : ip address for windows computer which has LPR

D : for only description

Or by using GUI
root@prod # printmgr
printer manager
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Expert Comment

by:Hanno Schröder
ID: 21866133
a) make sure the printer name on windows has no blank characters and is not more than eight characters long
b) Use only (!) the above mentioned method to add your printer on Solaris, everything else is likely to fail
c) The string after the -D option is just a comment and does not affect the printer system's behavior in any way
d) The lpadmin command you've used above, directs print output to queue (printer) with the same name on you windows (lpr) system. Therefore, if you really (?) want to use the -s option, specify the printer on the lpr host as well: -s!hp1020

Author Comment

ID: 21866549
thanks justunix

kindly note this not 1st printer I connect by same way
I have more than 100 printers working fine by same way
No problem D remove it , same
No problem with printer name or LPR ip address and no problem with network communication
Because print jobs received by same printer in same target windows computer but its hung in printer spooling or printer's driver give this message job sent to the printer

This means windows driver problem  I think 
If we can change something in Solaris will be great  


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Expert Comment

by:Hanno Schröder
ID: 21866779
Basically, I gave you all possible options from the Solaris side already ...  :-(

Just wanted to make sure you don't have problems on that side to begin with.

Unfortunately, Windows is way harder to analyze than Unix (or Solaris) --
especially when using printer drives and (even wordse) windows GDI printer
devices (non-PCL or PS printers) ...

Author Comment

ID: 22586086

This From HP:

I regret to inform you that the Laserjet 1020 printer and Laserjet 1022 printer does not support network printing.

For more information please visit the webpage given below and follow the instructions :
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Expert Comment

ID: 22588086
Isn't that what I said at http:#a21852634 ?  The page you were directed to by HP actually is talking mainly about supporting an internal network card but is definitely accurate.  In some cases those printers can still be networked by sharing (as I described) but the fact the network is not just Windows will also be an issue for host based printers and their drivers.
If you feel the solution is in what you were told by HP then I suggest I already provided that in my first comment.  I am sorry but it is nice to see they confirmed it. :)

Author Comment

ID: 22588136

Actually all our printers are working as I explained before except this model of printers so the easiest  way to change the printer , and we will use this printer for windows only , and better if I close this question  !!
thanks ,

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Expert Comment

ID: 22588211
I don't disagree about closing this.  My confusion is why you are trying to close this with one of your comments that says and confirms what I said in my first post.  Other, non host based printers, would work, as I mentioned and these will work great for non-networked, Windows uses.  If the answer is what you are trying to have accepted then why not accept my comment, which said the same thing from the start??
I am glad you want to close this but you need to do it right.  Since I already objected a moderator or admin will be responding so I won't cancel this again.  However if you disagree with what I have said please respond on that point because my objection isn't about you closing this just how you are trying to do it.
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Expert Comment

ID: 22588217
By the way ... my third paragraph said the best solution was to use the correct printer.  I like to avoid suggesting something that will cost the most but it is the best solution and I am glad it is what you are going to do.  Just seems to be another reason to accept my comment though.

Author Comment

ID: 22599953
Thanks all
Actually this not the solution
All our printers working by this way , even USB, LPT , dot matrix , laser or inkjet , not as b0lsc0tt said that we must have network interface card .although some network printers which  has  network card interface are not working  

Anyway I need to close this issue


Expert Comment

ID: 26039661
Hello Nnnddd,
Hope you are doing well i am also facing same on hp 1020 printer from sloaris to windows xp LPD.
My problem  is when i  send print from solaris (eg lp /etc/hosts) i  see in windows xp printer status is spool ,deleting but not printing.
if you could help me for resolving issue i will  thankfull to you.

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