Not All Keyboard Commands Are Passed Through Java Client

I'm running a server with PS 4.5 (Windows Server 2003 Enterprise R2), publishing a desktop. Additionally, I have a box running the Web Interface (v. 4.6) on our DMZ. For size and availability reasons, we are only publishing the Java version of the Citrix client.

When I open the desktop, I can interact with most programs normally. I have a specific application that requires the use of CTRL+1 to use some of the functionality. That command is not being passed through. Other keyboard commands (i.e. copy, paste [ctrl+c, ctrl+v]) work with no problem.

Is this a Java issue or are there options in Citrix to enable these commands? I have already disabled the Citrix hotkeys, but they wouldn't interfere anyway; they use the F-keys, but that's not my issue here.

If it is a java issue, is there a specific version of the JRE or the Citrix java client I should be using?
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LKaushalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually the Java ICA Client is normally used as 'Fall back' client not as main client. I am not 100% sure but did you try altering settings under 'Manage Sessions preferences' for keyboard in AMC for WI site?
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