STOP C0000135 {unable to locate component}

I have read over many of the responses here and have tried a few of them with little success. I am getting the following blue scree, just when it looks like it is ready to put up the XP login screen...

STOP: c0000135 {unable to Locate Component}
This application has failed to start bedause baseesvv32 was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

It will not boot into safe mode. I cannot find any reference to this file anywhere. I have tried manually going in and renaming the software and system files to .BAK and then copying them from the restore point. I have done an CHKDSK on the disk.

I had removed a few virus' from it on Saturday, most notibly the smitfraud virus. When complete, the system booted fine. I uninstalled the AVG free software and installed the newest, Version 8.0 and rebooted. All was good and was till this morning, when I rebooted again.

Any suggestions that may not include rebuilding windows XP? I suppose I could re-install over top of the existing one if needed?
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no problem if its all ship shape then please close choosing the answers you feel helped on the right hand side of teh comments above
first thing to try if you have done a chkdsk /r would be to do a fixmbr which i dont think is going to help you here but i always suggest it before progressing to what i see si your next option of undertaking a repair install, not a reinstall or rebuild of windows just refreshes the OS files and its install.

Something I would always encourage after a virus removal anyway as your never 100% sure what has been corrupted and removed in the virus removal.

if your not sure how to do a repair install or fixmbr let me know
swaffAuthor Commented:
You know, I have removed tons of virus' in the past years but never have had any problems after the "removal process". Yes, you are correct, you never know what has been corrupted or tampered with.

As for the rebuild of windows that just "refreshes" I believe I remember how to do this. After booting the CD, then press enter to setup windows XP. Agree to the license terms then select the "to repari the selected windows XP installation, press R.

Am I correct?

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heres a link to the guide most of us follow for repair installs

Always repair after a bug attack for me it ust makes sure you have a fully functioning OS again, younever know what you might discover doesnt work a few months down the line and then you might not attribute it to the attack
This is what usually happens when a scanner removes the bad file without removing the value in the registry.
baseesvv32 <-- this is a bad file or dll. most scanners will just remove the physical file but leaves the reg entry intact causing an unbootable pc afterwards.

This is where Combofix is the best tool for this infection, though combofix will only remove it if Recovery console is preinstalled.
it's a semi-random file so you can't find a match when googling.

This is it's location in the registry.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\currentcontrolset\control\session manager\subsystems]
"windows"= baseesvv32.dll
swaffAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information rpggamergirl. That is the first reference to it that i have seen.
The repair of Windows XP has fixed the issue at this time and the system boots. But, it stays at the windows is starting up screen for a very long time, and once I can log in, the system is very lethargic and slow. As I used an SP1 disk to do the fix, I am imagining it is due to the SP2 missing? Also, the installed programs file is blank.! Suggestions or will the SP2 fix this as well?

As for combofix I am not sure where that tool is located, and what I would need to get it up and going, especially with a machine that will not boot.

Thanks to you both for the info and the repair. It has been noted
For your programs list being blank try this :
Also it would be advisable for a hijackthis log cauz idere mught be a chance that ur pc is still infected cauzin it 2 run slow.
Also download CCCleaner from : and run it.
heres a location for combo fix

def run as still sound slike you may still have some issues though

Run combofix as rpg states and see if it helps, the lethargic issue and installed programs blankness is a little worrying so lets see where this gets it, install all the windows update back up to the most recent and we can take it from there
swaffAuthor Commented:
Quick update as I continue to work through the items for this system...

I have done the 5 updates then the SP2 update and that has fixed the problem with the items not being seen in the control panel.
I downloaded, installed and ran CCleaner and it detected a number of items to clean, plus a number of registry items.
I then noticed the windows update icon and there are 45 more to install at this time.

I will reboot and report back once this has completed.
I will need to install sound drivers as they are missing.?
thanks for the assistance so far.
ok to get the sound drivers log onto manufatucturer of machine if standard, enter the service tag if dell or model if another and you will get a selection to choose from probably if its a dell then only one wil be there shoudl sort it for you.

if you get stuck let me know the model and make and il ltrack it down for you.

all sounding good so far though!!
swaffAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the driver and installed the driver - all is okay from that perspecitve. The Combo fix run is going and has deleted a number of zango directories. Other than that, the log looks clean.

I re-ran the combofix program and it has removed the ZANGO product. Did you want me to post the new log file?

let me know. If not, I will close this blog at this time.

thanks to everyone that assisted.
swaffAuthor Commented:
Wow... what a ride. Excellent to work through, although I would have liked to have troubleshot it differently.
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