Windows only boots if I keep the XP64 CD in the DVDROM Drive, why?

Good Morning Everyone,

I am having an issue with Windows XP 64 only booting if I keep the Windows XP 64 Install disk in the DVDROM drive. If I take it out and boot the system, it throws a NTDLR is not found error. I have changed the boot priority from CDROM to HDD and the error is given while the disk remains in the drive. It almost seems as though my system can't detect the HDD. When I installed the OS I did load the SATA drivers at the beginning of the installation. That was the first area that I suspected as being the issue. As a test, I wiped again and didn't load the SATA drivers when asked, again, the same thing with everything loading fine but I still require the CD to be in the drive. I even switched between AHCI mode and IDE legacy mode in the BIOS to see if they made a difference, and it did not. I did revert my system back to Windows XP Pro 32 and it booted just fine without the CDROM in the drive. So, I am at a stand still on this one. I am still suspecting the SATA Driver in this case, but with no luck in rollback versions or the current version drivers will the system boot.

Hardware Specs -
MB:eVGA 133-K8-NF43 BIOS REVISION E02 (8/26/2006)
HDD: WD Caviar WD800JD x 2

If you require additional information, please ask accordingly.


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Make sure the disk is set to active. Use a partitioning tool, like fdisk or one of the utilities on the UBCD to check that and to make it active if it isn't.

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DruidicAuthor Commented:

I did check that as well. Forgot to mention that. Immediately after the install and the first boot in to Windows I went in to the Comp Mgmt screen and found it to be set as active.


Confirm that your BIOS isn't set to just boot off CD. If that's the case, it is booting off the cd, then proceeding to boot off the HDD after it checks for an existing OS (Says: Press any key to load setup..., then loads off HDD). Go into your BIOS and make your booh HDD the primary boot device, and let us know!
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DruidicAuthor Commented:

I did confirm this and mentioned above in my original post. I set my primary boot to HDD both in the BIOS and by means of "Boot Device Selection Press F8" when prompted after the post. Both failed with the same results.

Items Checked:
SATA Driver During Original Install
Boot Device Priority in BIOS
Active Partition

Again, everything works fine in Windows XP Pro 32. Only in XP 64 does this happen. Again, I feel that the SATA is at play here. I am hoping that someone may have other ideas before I say that is the obsolute. Again, tried several different versions of the drivers with no luck, with saying that I dont need the SATA drivers for this to work in the 32 bit installation.


Then run fixboot and fixmbr from the recovery console.
I agree with rindi, target your MBR next
if that doesn't work make sure your sata drivers are 64-bit capable, I know that for me i need all 64-bit drivers for my Vista 64-bit. so I would assume you would need the same for WIN XP 64-bit
DruidicAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the ideas at hand, I will attempt them when I get home tonight. In the mean time, I have gone ahead and used nLite to inject drivers in to an ISO image of the installation disk, as to eliminate my SATA floppy disks. I downloaded all the latest drivers again from nVidia and WD. Hopefully they will prove worth while if the Fixboot and Fixmbr don't work.

Keep the thoughts and ideas coming if you have em! In the mean time, I will wait until this evening to fully test everything again.


DruidicAuthor Commented:

Thank for the ideas and input from last night. I did attempt the Fixboot and Fixmbr from the Recovery Console with the same results. It did not fix the issue as I had hoped. After attempting that I placed my new ISO CD I made with nLite (Injected SATA Drivers, Chipset, Sound, Video). This worked wonders, very fast install, at least 7 minutes off from standard installation, and no boot issues. It went in to Windows without the requirement of the CD in the drive.

Now, the Floppy I replaced did have current SATA drivers on it. I used old versions of the driver as well with no success via the floppy. These were valid 64 drivers, and the latest one was injected in to my ISO for use. I am thinking that the drivers weren't fully pulling from the floppy, thus causing the issue.

I will award points for each person who provided valid ways of resolving this issue, as each way does address this error in a way.

Possible solutions for others (NTDLR is missing error):
SATA Drivers (Latest and correct versions (32 or 64))
*BOOT Device Priority (Make sure OS HDD is set for first boot)
*Some BIOS versions have an additional option that requires you to select the **HDD Priority** regardless of having set HDD as the **Boot Priority**.
Active Partition (Make sure the OS HDD is an Active Partition)
Recovery Console (Fixboot and Fixmbr utilities)

My Solution:
Use nLite to inject the drivers (SATA, Chipset, Sound, Video) and build/burn an ISO Image, thus eliminating the Floppy as an issue.

**You can use nLite to slipstream SP in to your ISO's (Images), Hotfixes, Patches, Drivers, etc, and to burn/create ISO Images once injected. Very powerful Freeware utility for Admins and Users alike.**

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts in directing a resolve.


DruidicAuthor Commented:
All of you played a part in what very well could have been a resolve for this type of error with the solutions you provided.
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