I want to monitor file usage

I want to monitor file usage on my network (shared files and folders).
I dont know the best way to approach this whether theres some software/tool that can do this or some sort of script.
Basically I want to know if a folder is moved, deleted, created, renamed etc and who has done the action.
I have noticed that there are ways to audit it but I wish to pull this information into a more central / user friendly format.
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pooky73Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using this tool:


Quite cheap and very good for file auditing.

WycombeAbbeyAuthor Commented:
Pooky = FileAudit is almost what I want just missing the monitoring of moved files/folders.
uetian = the auditing is useful but I'd like to pull that info into central point and again it doesnt tell me about moved files/folders.
WycombeAbbeyAuthor Commented:
Had found this before but was reluctant to fork out the money but I think I'll bite the bullet
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