Help me prank a colleague by login scripts etc


This is a very lighthearted funny war going on between me and a colleague within a support department.

We keep doing 'pranks' on each others computers (we are all local admins of eachothers machines) stupid things like shutdown commands and net sends etc

recently i created a batch file to populate a run command within the HKLM registry key, which then launches another batch file which also populates a HKCU run command and that in turn fires off an image of some abusive text i created in mspaint.

childish i know, but at the same time so funny cause everytime he logs in he appears, and every time he deletes what he thinks is the only instance of the batch file running :)

bottom line:

he has now worked it out and is no longer susceptible to that sort of thing. I need help to find other ways of remotely, automatically and silently screwing things around on his PC, either opening a picture or setting his background to a picture, but it needs to be silently, and it needs to be impossible to detect :)

help me have some fun!
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OverSeerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If he has Remote Registry service running you can pretty much do anything you want to his system by just opening regedit and connecting to his machine.  If he doesn't have the service running, you can download some PStools and connect to his machine to start it up.
how about having a program that moves his mouse pointer to 0,0 every 30 seconds (so as he can still work but still annoys him)
txhockey26Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I once screwed with one of my buddies by pulling off the wall plate and putting a rj45 connector in that wasn't punched to the wire, while leaving the other just dangling in the wall.   I know it's not remote....but it was hilarious watching him trying to figure out what the heck was wrong.
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agriesserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My workmate once left the room without locking his computer. I then took the opportunity and made a screenshot of his desktop (with all the icons on it), replaced his previous desktop background and disabled the desktop icons on his system. When he plugged in the XP CD to start a repair installation, I repaired it for him again ;)

A colleague of mine once had an interesting tool for doing nasty things on other users PCs, but I don't recall the name... I'll follow up here if it comes back to my mind.
zcrammondAuthor Commented:
hehe all good suggestions, the mouse moving to 0.0 sounds mean, and he would very quickly get irate with me :)

Im after something which I could apply to a login script locally to his computer which will silently change his wallpaper. I know there is a GPO you can apply to specify a background, but i want it to be scripted so that I can apply the GPO, add a startup batch file, place an entry in the run registry and script it so that its silent.

Basically im going for the 4 red herrings and 1 really nasty bugger which he cant find :)

any scripts you guys might have laying around or anything you could knock up quickly would be awesome :)

also i would like them to reference a network location so that i can apply read only access to the image and stop him deleting the file itself =)
zcrammondAuthor Commented:
Hi Vee,

Thanks for the link to this:

Experts Exchange does not condone piracy or script kiddie exploits and will do everything possible to eliminate the sharing of this kind of knowledge on the site.

When asking a question, if it is a clear-cut violation of the member agreement concerning the defeating of security of networks or defeating the licensing of software then the question will be deleted, and the violation will be noted in your profile. If the question is borderline or if it is not clear that your intent is innocent, a Moderator or Zone Advisor may request clarification about your intent.

While I totally agree to these terms, my request is simply a game of one upmanship between two admins on a network. Im trying to make a funny image appear each time he logs in without him knowing how its been done, I dont deem this as a hack as such, but I do understand your concerns :)

zcrammondAuthor Commented:
Hiya vee,

yeah thats not a problem I totally understand how it could be borderlined :) I know I wouldnt want any of my users going down this thought process :)
Did you have success with pranking your colleague? ;)
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