strange code, how I can turn it on php?

I have free code where is code something like this:
<?php $A0='%DE%5B%F9%BE%FCu%93%B2%9E%EFV%BAC...and so on

what code is that?

I have seen an converter which convert it on normal html code? I need to make one small color correlation and I don't see any other options to make.
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mikeswiffinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not funny code - it's encrypted code and it will be encrypted for a reason.
Decrypting it will probably anull any warranty you have on a purchased script.

leave well alone.
It looks to be from a photo gallery package called Encaps Gallery:

Are you using this?
mattimeikalainenAuthor Commented:
I trying to use but I can't make any changes because it so weird code. What code is that?
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