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Want to build a simple mac text application - what is the best path to take?

I wish to make a very simple text organization software for mac. The application i want to do is essentially organizing text files and being able to add whatever columns to describe the txt files and be able to sort the txt files by those columns.

How do people usually go about doing something like this?

I need access to the standard mac interface components, and i dont know if i should be looking into applescript vs. java or whatnot.  Will it matter at all to an end user?  Will people be able to tell that i used a scripting vs. programming langauge by either checking or evaluating the performance? Does doing this with certain languages not allow for encryption of code?  What are most simpler/ organizational mac software written in anyway?  

Basically i have dabbed around many scripting and programming languages, but have never written an all out software. I prefer python over anything if there is some sort of python framework for this type of thing out there. Thanks for any advice!
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Well the approaches will be as different as the users. There's not "right" or worse "one" way of doing it. Howerver it seems you should add this kind of stuff to the search facilities of Mac. I guess there will be ways of extending it. So check the docs about how to do it.

I'm not sure if python is  a standard installation on Mac. But sure you can use it also. Probably it would be pay of to store away the information in some XML file? or some relational Database?

If it will matter to the user how can tell? If you do have users for such a thing you better ask them about their opinion.

figmitAuthor Commented:

Hi, I think i gave the impression that i know a lot more details about this idea of creating an app than i actually do.  I guess my question is more along the lines of if you have an .app, can a user "decompile" it and figure out what programming language was used? Or would they only be able to tell based on behavior (performance)?

Also, do you know any theoretical web resources that deal with apps or exes that are more broad/introductory in nature - i seem to be only hitting resources that already assume a working knowledge.

Well you can usually decompile every piece of code, but it will be hard to figure out which language was used. Howerver decompiled stuff does not have very much left from the original code. Howerver if you use some virtual machine, then this will be different, this VM keep much more information "intact". Just have a look at the things MSVC can to do .NET based code.
If you use some "scripting" langauges then of cours everyone can see the sources, for that they even buld such stuff as obfuscators....

Sorry, the question of how fast something performs is not fixed in languages. There may be some high level languages which do much better in some circumstances than another. But there may be big differences in performance even in one language. That's a question on how much effort and time was spend to make it run fast.

And you can have dog slow applictions because of bad choosen algrorithms...

But I can not get your main points. What's your trouble with that? Just go and use whatever you likke choose good algorithms and of you are....

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