Recent experience with CyberPower Systems UPS? Any good?

I have traditionally always purchased APC, Fortress, etc. for my UPS.  However, the price point/features/warranty on CyberPower Systems UPS has caught my attention.  I've run across them in the small office space, but never worked with one long enough to form a valid opinion.

Does anybody have current experience with these?  If so, are they any good or just a cheap alternative that does not belong in the mission critical space?

Specifically, I am looking at the CyberPower PR2200 or PR3000 units.

Thanks for any input you may have.
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mds-cosAuthor Commented:
Having done some additional research, I see reviews mixed -- but more bad than good.  Unfortunately, the reviews I have found have all been on the lower-end units.

My only experience was with very brief with a CyberPower 1000Kva tower unit.  The unit seemed to function OK and had nice features, but ran VERY hot (e.g. you could not hold you hand on top of it for very long because of the heat).  I put an equiv APC unit right next to this one for a new server (i.e. it was in the same environment) and did not experience the same heat dissapation.
i don't know how much trust i would put in them for a critical system, but i use them at home and at offices before.  They actually make a lot of UPS's that are rebranded.  I've never had one fail and the warrenty is standard, so i would say they are reliable.
I have used them and found them okay.  I wouldn't use them in a critical application where a business depended on it, but for home use or offices where rebooting is not a big deal, they are a good value.
mds-cosAuthor Commented:
I am specifically looking at the PR2200 and PR3000 units -- which are not home use units.

Does anybody have experience / feedback on the business end units that are designed for small server rooms?

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