how to make an exchange 2000 email and have it forward to three people

i am running exchange server 2000 on windows 2000. i would like make an email account and email sent to that will go to and

i have figured out how to forward mail from one person to another external address using a 'contact' object in active directory console, but that is only limited to one forwarding address.

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LegendZMConnect With a Mentor Principal Security ArchitectCommented:
Create a distribution group. Create all 3 contacts in Active Directory, Add all 3 contacts to that distribution group.
chatsuboAuthor Commented:
not sure if distribution group will do it unless if i can make  it on the server side. because outside parties should be able and have it go to each of the three users.
LegendZMPrincipal Security ArchitectCommented:
You can make a distribution group "mail enabled" so outside users can mail and have it forward to all users on the list.
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