Cant send mail to one host

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Hi All,

We are using Outlook running Exchange on Windows 2003 servers. Everting work fine except sending mail to one perticular host. then we get the following error bounced back.

Your message could not be sent.
A transcript of the attempts to send the message follows.
The number of attempts made: 1
Addressed To:

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 09:34:29 +1000
Failed to send to identified host, [], 554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied
--- Message non-deliverable.

IS this somthing to do with my setup or the host im sending to?
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It could be either, depending on the configuration.

relaying is when you are asking another server to send mail on your behalf.

Normally, its when someone tries to send an email with the senders address not in that domain. or from another unauthorized address.

It can happen from a DNS mishap or even a spam filter at their end.

I'd suggest to have a look through the SMTP log to get the details about that session.

sransom_auService Desk Analyst


Sorry to sound like a noob (tho i am) where does one find the SMTP log?
no worries, just go to the server, look in explorer under c drive, Windows, system32, log files, SMTP logs...

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It is a problem on their end (i just tested it)

Their server is requiring authentication, meaning it is misconfigured.
sransom_auService Desk Analyst


Iv copied a message i recieved from the hosts "IT person"  however their sudggestion did not resolve the problem

<message begins>

Dear Brett and Robyn,


Our IT specialist has found the problem. It actually lies on your side.


The error message says:


Tue, 17 Jun 2008 08:24:19 +1000

Failed to send to identified host,<red font  []> end red, 554 5.7.1

<>: Relay access denied

--- Message non-deliverable.


The lpaddress in red is the one of our old server. Gert assumes that the DNS Cache of your computers still the old adress.

this can be checked by

Start->Ausführen->cmd  ("Ausführen" is the bottom right click)


The DOS prompt then is: ipconfig  /displaydns



It should show:


Eintragsname. . . . . :

Eintragstyp . . . . . : 1

Gültigkeitsdauer. . . : 21494

Datenlänge. . . . . . : 4

Abschnitt . . . . . . : Antwort

(Host-)A-Eintrag. . :




If it doesn't say but


then the Cache has to be emptied:




DOS-prompt: ipconfig  /flushdns


That should help :-)

I have flushed the DNS cache and when I ry to ping the address the correct address is resolved however the problem persists.

Top Expert 2008

What is the address you are sending to?  There are two domains listed in the question - one with a hyphen, and one without.

Your server is clearly getting the wrong IP address somehow, so we need to sort that out - in this article you will see a button for "Configure DNS" (it is not what the article is about, but you will see what I mean) ->

Do you have anything listed there?
I'm just wondering if you did you DNS tests from the exchange server itself?

We need to see what DNS server your exchange is referring too.

System Manager -> Administrative Groups -> Your Domain Group -> Servers -> Your Server -> Protocols -> SMTP and right click on the SMTP Virtual Server and select properties.
Then select the delivery tab and select the advanced button and finally the configure button.
The list of DNS server that are used to reference exchange are here and will need to be cleaned up..
Ensure that the servers listed here have the same instructions above followed also.
sransom_auService Desk Analyst


This problem was resolved after we changed DNS servers at our ISP. We had been on a "free" server and changed over to a "High Availabiltiy" server cluster. So Im assuming this was a DNS problem of some sort.

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