exchange email disappearing between smtp receipt and mailbox

have just inherited an exchange server 2003 (sbs 2003 standard) customer.
What is happening is this
Up until 2 weeks ago, the system was receiving/sending email fine.
all of a sudden, email has stopped delivering to mailboxes.
logs from other server systems show OK delivery to the exchange box via smtp, however no email is making it into the mailboxes for each of the local users.

I have: (not necessarily in any particular order)
o  Manual telnet to port 25 shows email being received fine for the domain
o  updated it to Exchange SP2,(plus all the available windows updates)
o  run and re-run the internet & email wizard
o  increased the store size to 24GB (to remove any 16/18GB limitations),
o  run offline defrag, backed up exchange database to clear logs (first thing I did),
o  run the  exTRA troubleshooter, fixed everything I found,
o  chkdsk c: /r and chkdsk d: /r (d: holds the database)
o  verified the event log for any red or yellow flags, with nothing obvious
o  checked all hard disks for space
o  recreated priv1 database file.

At this stage, all email coming in goes nowhere as in it dissapears. - I cant even send a local user an email from his own account - it shows up in sent items and not in inbox.

HOWEVER, under the mailbox store/mailboxes tab of the echange system manager, it shows that the mailbox has received an email, it just is not viewable via outlook/exmerge (EVEN with the new priv1 database)

exmerge does not export anything.
any ideas?

it *FEELS* like the server does not think it is responsible for the email domain, however that does not explain why the item count under the mailbox store/mailboxes tab of Sys mgr, increases when an email is received for the domain.
I have tried emailing to user@localservername instead of internet domain name, and it does the same.

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allenjbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
after hunting down every event id that I could (after breaking some stuff myself (specifically I broke the smtp service) I found and this ended up being the problem
allenjbAuthor Commented:
This seems to be happening for ALL email on this server - it does not show up in any mailboxes

if I send from local user A to local user B it shows as arriving in the mailbox, but just does not show up in any views (outlook/OWA/exmerge)

ALSO, I have removed all traces on TREND MICRO to remove the chance of it being the culprit
allenjbAuthor Commented:
Also, - in the message tracking centre, I get 2 messages showing up -

first one tracks as:

6/24/2008 12:09 PM       Edit Quote Reply Alert
OK, with message tracking, I searched for and found the message -(sent from user1 to user1)
It shows:
24/6/2008 10:39 SMTP Store Driver: Message submitted from store
24/6/2008 10:39 SMTP Store Driver Submitted Message to MTA
Then we get a second message show up 1 minute later from user1 to user1 with the following:
24/6/2008 10:40 Report Generated Internally
24/6/2008 10:40 SMTP Store Driver: Message submitted from store
24/6/2008 10:40 SMTP Store Driver Submitted Message to MTA
24/6/2008 10:40 Unroutable report discarded
still nothing in the users mailbox (other than the original sent email)
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allenjbAuthor Commented:
Also, all rules have been disabled and IMF is set to 9

Disable IMF for sometime and see whats happening. and in the logs you will be able to see if they were bounced back.

and chk if the pupbic IP from which you are using to send test mails is listed in RBL?

allenjbAuthor Commented:
No help.

It is not an RBL issue as the email is arriving at the server, being accepted by SMTP, showing up in the mailbox (according to the system manager view of mailboxes- ie the count increases), but NOT showing up in outlook, exmerge, owa
allenjbAuthor Commented:

isinteg is fine. eseutil /p & /d are fine.

allenjbAuthor Commented:
Just to explain further:

from outlook, I send from user dick to user administrator a test email

it does not show up in administrator's email account (via OWA), however the Total Items count under system Manager->admin groups->First Admin Group->servers->servername->first storage group->Mailbox stor->Mailboxes increases by 1
allenjbAuthor Commented:
OK, I tried sending email to offsite user and get an email (at the remote end) which is an NDR

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      TEST
      Sent:      25/06/2008 1:32 PM

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:

      Allen Bolderoff on 25/06/2008 3:05 PM
            The e-mail address could not be found.  Perhaps the recipient moved to a different e-mail organization, or there was a mistake in the address.  Check the address and try again.
            < #5.1.7 smtp;500 5.1.7 Invalid or missing sender SMTP address>


I am going to further investigate the 5.1.7 stuff....

allenjbAuthor Commented:
This 5.1.7 error is coming to me as I have myself listed in "send a copy of NDR to this address" - but no NDR shows up for the user sending the email
allenjbAuthor Commented:
also running the smtpdiag tool says everything works ok for local smtp server, however emails still do not arrive.

on the system where you are running outlook, are you referring to the pop/exchange server by name or ip?

try to use pop3 and configure it using the IP of your exchange server.

also if you have been using the host name in pop3 can you chk if its resolving to the exchange server or is is resolving to your hosting server etc..

also try a telnet session to your exchange server from a desktop & try sending a mail to yahoo or gmail.

allenjbAuthor Commented:
OK, we were connecting via Exchange method direct to hostname.

Trying pop now

smtpdiag to external address works fine
allenjbAuthor Commented:
pop3 does not download anything different to exchange view.
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