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Latest Operating System and Trends in Operating Systems

Hello Experts,
i have to appear in an interview very soon, for learning purpose i have this question :

Please, i want to know which is the latest Operating System being launched by any Company these days for Personal Computer and
What are Latest Trends in OS Research area. ?

3 Solutions
>Please, i want to know which is the latest Operating System being launched by any Company these days for Personal Computer
Nothing big happening as far as I know ...

>What are Latest Trends in OS Research area. ?
Virtualization is one ... Then there has been talk of going back to older paradigm of dumb terminals and intelligent central servers ... i.e. most of your programs would be hosted over the internet thus giving you complete flexibility of using any machine in the world as your desktop ... but then again there is a long way to go.
Another one that you must have seen is surface computing.

This one is a bit old but could still help
On the first question>> a good google search will probably produce a lot of the answers you seek.

There is a lot of  new OS appearing on the market , since Vista mayhem.
Apple - Mac OS X Leopard  has introduced new features to allow windows users to transfer their software to run on Mac in an attempt to get users to move to MAC instead of Vista
50 Reasons to Switch from Microsoft Windows to Apples Mac OS X
Mac or Windows?

Windows 7 is the next windows on the microsoft agenda.
Vista's succesor

Numerous open source OS are now emerging as well, Linux is getting a lot of attention.
Haiku is an open source desktop operating system

This page contains alternatives to Windows, free operating systems, interesting initiatives for new Operating Systems, commercial Operating Systems

And finally a good insight into  Why New Operating Systems Won't Stand A Chance

Hope it helps you. And it's not already too late to assist your interview.
I would be nice to know what position you are interviewing for and what your experience is.

Are you going to be providing level 1 support for personal computers or are you planning to do OS level software development.

As far as "new" OS's well nothing really "new", just updated versions/releases of existing OS's.  For normal home or business use: Linux, Windows, MAC.  

Latest trends in OS development.  Well for  general home business use not much.  Virtualization and "remote desktop".  Which is really not new.  Mainframes, especially IBM with z/VM, have been doing this for 40 years.  "Remote desktop" is nothing more  than a "GUI Dumb terminal" which is 50+ years old.

Then there is grid computing.  Having a "work load coordinator" had out individual units of work that do not depend on each other to hundreds, thousands, or more computers to be worked on in the background (SETI for one)

The PC/Distributed world just woke up and found that they have a LOT of wasted resource.  Companies have servers sitting there at 5-10% busy, which means they are paying for processing power they never use.  Since most distributed software is still written assuming it is the only software on the computer, virtualization allows running multiple OS's to  make the software still has full control of the "system", while making better use of the capacity of the hardware.  It called shared computer resource processing (again, mainframes been doing it for a LONG time).

With grid computing you use the unused resources on end users desktops so you don't have thousands of computers sitting there running at 1-2% busy 99% of the time.
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