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HP XW6600 and XP Pro SP1 / SP2 32BIT

Hi All,

System we are using is a HP XW6600 with SATA HD

The system comes pre-installed with Windows Vista and downgrade to XP.

We have a Win XP Pro SP1 disc with site license which I try to install, but receive a blue screen after the first modules have been loaded and the system is about to let you configure you HD set up etc.

We managed to go past this step by setting "BIOS DMA Data Transfer = DISABLE" and "SATA Emulation = Separate IDE Controller" in the BIOS

All works fine until we get to when the GUI installation part starts. I have tried this with both SP1 and SP2 discs with XP Pro.

Strangely (or maybe not) the 64bit version we have worked without any modifications what so ever.

Does anyone know why this is happening on this machine and what I can do to fix it.

1 Solution
You need to download the disk driver for XP and install it using F6 when the installation starts
dantegroupAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks.

If I'm not in WinXP and do not know which disc or controllers I have installed, what is the easiest way for me to find out?

Are these specific drivers for brands and even models?

Many thanks.

far better way is to buoild a slipstream xp install disc and get your drivers installed at the same time as XP

check the link below how to buld a slipstream install disk... however it is reliant on you knowing teh right sata driver for your machine.

log onto your manufaturers web site, whack in teh model number and it will give you a list of drivers for teh sata drive ;o)
If you are having trouble hunting down the specific driver, there might be an even better way to solve this problem:

Using the "Mass Storage" driver pack from this web page, you can create a new baseline WinXP installation disc that contains the appropriate drivers for every mainstream SATA hard drive (amongst others)...

I manage a domain with over 7,000 WinXP client workstations that encompass a wide variety of hardware vendors.  We created a WinXP SP2 disc with the "Mass Storage" pack slipstreamed into it quite some time ago, and we have yet to find a desktop/laptop where it doesn't recognize the hard drive!  Here is a good tutorial...
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