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How Do I Set Up My Wireless Home Network and Share files across Windows Platforms?

I have an Acer Aspire 5520 Laptop Computer running Windows Vista Home Premium equipped with an Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter, a 650MHz desktop computer running Windows XP SP2 or 3 (not sure), and 2 Belkin Wireless Routers, one is a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router Model F5D7231-4 and a Belkin Wireless N+MIMO USB Router.

I have one broadband cable internet connection which will be shared by both computers.

Step by step, what is the best way for me to set up a home network with file sharing from all computers in the network, using both of these computers, the workgroup which I have named BEARNCUBHOME, using the equipment I have?

Thanks for your assistance!
2 Solutions
I suggest you to
1. connect  Belkin Wireless G Plus Router Model F5D7231-4 to your ADSL Broadband line and enable WEP at the router
2. connect your desktop computer via wire at 10/100Base Port (however if you want to connect your desktop pc via wireless, buy a wireless adapter)
3. connect your laptop computer via wireless adapter by using WEP key you entered at the begining
after that you should enable file sharing and your pc's will be able to see shares of each other, while a router will automaticaly handle the internet connection sharing.
RartemassService Desk AnalystCommented:
I would suggest using WPA2 if all your equipment can use it.
WEP is like having a flywire screen on your front door. It keeps out the small insects but won't hinder an intruder for long. It can be cracked in about 30 seconds.

IMO, best wireless setup for security is as follows:
-Enable MAC address filtering and add in all MAC addresses of your PCs. To get the MAC address open a command prompt and type ipconfig /all.
-Enable WPA2, or WPA-AES or WPA-TKIP. (If you want to connect a Wii console to this network you will need WPA).
-I prefer to use a hex code for the password ie only use numbers and letters ABCDEF. It should be at least 32 characters long. Codes I use for WPA are usually 63 characters long. Ensure you not this down somewhere while setting up the network. If you forget it in the future you can obtain it from the router.
-Do not broadcast your SSID.

Other than that the setup by demi-os should work fine.

The order should be:
-Connect one PC wired to the Belkin G Plus Router Model F5D7231-4.
-Enable wireless security as above, ensuring the MAC address of the PC logged into the router is added first.
-Enable DHCP from the router. Set a small scope of IP addresses to assign. For your setup I would suggest a range of 5 addresses.
The private address ranges are: - - -
You can use any address you want that falls into the above ranges.

An example setup would be
Router set to
Set DHCP scope to to

-Connect the laptop using the WPA/WPA2 codes.
-Ensure all PCs are on the same workgroup. Do this via System in control panel, on the Computer Name tab. Click the Network ID button to use a wizard, or just click the change button to enter the new workgroup name.
-Enable file sharing via the folder properties. You need to go into the Security tab. It is best for security to share specific folders rather than entire drives, but the choice is yours.
-Ensure each PC can access all other PCs.
-Plug in the modem to the WAN port of the router.
-If required tell the router to not assign an IP address to the modem. Most routers do this by default but I'm unsure on your one.
-Test the internet connections on each PC.

I would refrain from using the Belkin Wireless N+MIMO USB Router. While it uses 801.11N, that specification has not yet been certified and is still in draft mode.
When it gets certified, the settings of the Belkin N+MIMO may not be accurate and the wireless adapters you get may not work with it. Also the 801.11N devices on the market may have different settings as there have been a few draft updates since 801.11N was announced. They may not work together.
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