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I am very new in exchange 2007 and windows 2008 server.
I create a user in active directory. But i can't see users email addresse and exchange Features, exchange ... in users properties. look like i missing somthing in my active directory. I ca't see whar´t
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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that was the feature available in exchange 2000 and 2003.
with exchange 2007 the exchange tabs are not available in AD
you need to use the EMC to check exchange related properties of a user object.
it is not stored in AD
you need to check the same in the Exchange Management console
If you only have Exchange 2007 in your organization, try to delete the mailbox for this user and recreate it.
Allow a few minutes between the 2 operations (just in case).
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Aida2Author Commented:
I install exchange 2007 in windows 2008 and it's the only one exchange.
What i can't see is all with exchange in user properties the pages email address ang Exchange....
is missing
Is this issue affect all the users or only one of them?

You can also check the following article that presents the management of user mailboxes in Exchange 2007:
Aida2Author Commented:
all user. Now i have not user on it only standard when i create a new one then i can't see mail address
and exchange....
The link I gave you might help in this case. Please check it out.
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