Veritas Backup Exec / Backup to Disk is not overriding?

I have a backup to disk location setup for Veritas Backup Exec 12 and I am doing a 40gb backup job every night and it is appending?  The directory is growing to 400 gb because it's not overriding?  I have the backup job set to override media and 1 for the number of backup sets per backup to disk file?
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JapyDoogeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Whow, that's strange with that settings. Are u sure there is'nt another job that generates this files? If not, try to contact Veritas support becouse this should'nt be happening.
Is'nt there a max storage to use setting somewhere?

Usually the oldest backup is overwritten when there is'nt enough space for a new one. By setting the max storage to use or the max numbers of saved backups you can reduce this effect.

I'm not familiar with Veritas Backup Exec, but this is an option you see in more software (i.e. NetVault, that we are using)
mrsam3Author Commented:
yes it's set to 100gb but the directory is 400gb now.. and growing.
mrsam3Author Commented:
here are all the settings.
Are you performing a GRT backup of Exchange and the destination is backup-to-disk?  Please run LiveUpdate as this issue should have been resolved in the latest patch.  Does that work now?
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