Sent mails are ending ip in SPAM foler

I am running an exchange Server 2007 SP1 on a 2003 Server. I have been able to configure my connectors to send and receive mials both internal and external. My problem is that when i send mails out to corporate offices that use Lotus Notes or Exchange or any private mail systems, they are able to receive my mails. However, when I send mails to people on yahoo, hotmail, google and the others, they get the mail in SPAM folder. My domain name ends with a .local and I have a public domain .com. I have set both hos and MX records on my external DNS site a with Godaddy and all seems perfect. Below are my settings

Exchange Server:
FQDN: mail.domain.local
IP Add:
Public IP
FQDN ths connector will Response to HELO or EHLO: mail.domain.local

Settings on Godaddy
Host Records:
@ :

MX Record:
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes it is the ISP who allocates the IP address to you. The IP address belongs to them so the change has to be made on their DNS server.
> FQDN ths connector will Response to HELO or EHLO: mail.domain.local
That should be

Also make sure a reverse lookup on points to
bernardhayfronAuthor Commented:
Where do I set the reverse lookup. I tried on my Local DNS server but had no chance because the domain is a .local. Let me know if there is another way around it
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The reverse lookup will have to be done by the ISP who provides your internet connection. Since they own the IP they are the only people who can set a reverse DNS entry on it.
bernardhayfronAuthor Commented:
I will try and see if they will. I here that ISP normally dont allow that to be done. I am with O2 internet at the moment. I will try my luck with them. After doing that my mails will no more end up in SPAM?
There are many reasony why email can be classed as spam.
If you wish you can send me a test email (test email address is mentioned in my profile) and I can post the results and give you some hints based on them.
Please post here if you do send the mail so that I can check for it.
bernardhayfronAuthor Commented:
I have sent you a mail at Check your spam for it
score=2.644, required 5,

These rules matched because the reverse DNS contains an IP address in its name (

This rule matches because the hostname is a .com but the reverse DNS is a

SPF_PASS -0.00

So the only problem is your reverse DNS entry.
You are using SPF which is good and should help aswell.

You could also subscribe yourself on but they are unlikely to accept your application until your reverse DNS entry is corrected.
bernardhayfronAuthor Commented:
Where do I get my reverse DNS entry set? Is it with my ISP because they gave me the Public IP number
bernardhayfronAuthor Commented:
I just got in touch with o2 and they tell me thyey cannot set an RDNS for me. They are looking into it and will get back to me later.
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