dev C++ simple program WAS working, now getting error

Posted on 2008-06-24
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I am using Dev C++ and am getting the stated error.  attached is where i include the ConfigFile header that is giving me the grief.

I just can't find an error.  Can someone help?
#include <cstdlib>

#include <iostream>

#include "ConfigFile.h"

#include "Triplet.h"

#include <windows.h>

#include <wininet.h>

#include <string>

#include <fstream>

#include <io.h>

using std::string;

using std::cout;

using std::endl;

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])


    //initialize variables


    string ssid;

    string ftp_server;

    string username;

    string password;

    string pos_data_loc;

    string pos_data_file;

    string server_file;

    string data_string;

    string prog_call;

    const char* prog_input;


    std::time_t now;

    time( &now );


    // Load the Config File

	ConfigFile config( "C:/Intelitap/config.inf" );


	// Read the various config lines into variables so we can use them in other places	

	//config.readInto( ssid, "ssid" );...

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Question by:jamied66
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Expert Comment

ID: 21856125
Hi  jamied66,

the linker mentions the ctor ConfigFile::ConfigFile(sdt::string... cannot be found - either it's not implemented or the file where it's implemented isn't compiled or the generated .obj file cannot be found in the lib-path.

Hope that helps,

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Expert Comment

ID: 21856141
>> undefined reference to 'ConfigFile::ConfigFile(sdt::string...
Are you actually building the translation unit that contains the implementation for this class? Have you declared a cosntructor for the class ConfigFile and forgotten to implement it?
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Expert Comment

ID: 21856179
The error states "...ConfigFile::ConfigFile(sdt::string" sdt::string should be std::string

Check the file ConfigFile.cpp where you define the constructor for the ConfigFile object and change sdt::string to std::string or you could omit it completely since you have using namespace std;

Author Comment

ID: 21856239
I didn't write the ConfigFile library myself, no.
i've attached ConfigFile.cpp.  From what I can see it's in good order.

the above typo (sdt instead of std) was just that. a typo on my part.

Again, all help is appreciated.


// ConfigFile.cpp

#include "ConfigFile.h"

using std::string;

ConfigFile::ConfigFile( string filename, string delimiter,

                        string comment, string sentry )

	: myDelimiter(delimiter), myComment(comment), mySentry(sentry)


	// Construct a ConfigFile, getting keys and values from given file


	std::ifstream in( filename.c_str() );


	if( !in ) throw file_not_found( filename ); 


	in >> (*this);



	: myDelimiter( string(1,'=') ), myComment( string(1,'#') )


	// Construct a ConfigFile without a file; empty


void ConfigFile::remove( const string& key )


	// Remove key and its value

	myContents.erase( myContents.find( key ) );



bool ConfigFile::keyExists( const string& key ) const


	// Indicate whether key is found

	mapci p = myContents.find( key );

	return ( p != myContents.end() );


/* static */

void ConfigFile::trim( string& s )


	// Remove leading and trailing whitespace

	static const char whitespace[] = " \n\t\v\r\f";

	s.erase( 0, s.find_first_not_of(whitespace) );

	s.erase( s.find_last_not_of(whitespace) + 1U );


std::ostream& operator<<( std::ostream& os, const ConfigFile& cf )


	// Save a ConfigFile to os

	for( ConfigFile::mapci p = cf.myContents.begin();

	     p != cf.myContents.end();

		 ++p )


		os << p->first << " " << cf.myDelimiter << " ";

		os << p->second << std::endl;


	return os;


std::istream& operator>>( std::istream& is, ConfigFile& cf )


	// Load a ConfigFile from is

	// Read in keys and values, keeping internal whitespace

	typedef string::size_type pos;

	const string& delim  = cf.myDelimiter;  // separator

	const string& comm   = cf.myComment;    // comment

	const string& sentry = cf.mySentry;     // end of file sentry

	const pos skip = delim.length();        // length of separator


	string nextline = "";  // might need to read ahead to see where value ends


	while( is || nextline.length() > 0 )


		// Read an entire line at a time

		string line;

		if( nextline.length() > 0 )


			line = nextline;  // we read ahead; use it now

			nextline = "";




			std::getline( is, line );



		// Ignore comments

		line = line.substr( 0, line.find(comm) );


		// Check for end of file sentry

		if( sentry != "" && line.find(sentry) != string::npos ) return is;


		// Parse the line if it contains a delimiter

		pos delimPos = line.find( delim );

		if( delimPos < string::npos )


			// Extract the key

			string key = line.substr( 0, delimPos );

			line.replace( 0, delimPos+skip, "" );


			// See if value continues on the next line

			// Stop at blank line, next line with a key, end of stream,

			// or end of file sentry

			bool terminate = false;

			while( !terminate && is )


				std::getline( is, nextline );

				terminate = true;


				string nlcopy = nextline;


				if( nlcopy == "" ) continue;


				nextline = nextline.substr( 0, nextline.find(comm) );

				if( nextline.find(delim) != string::npos )


				if( sentry != "" && nextline.find(sentry) != string::npos )



				nlcopy = nextline;


				if( nlcopy != "" ) line += "\n";

				line += nextline;

				terminate = false;



			// Store key and value



			cf.myContents[key] = line;  // overwrites if key is repeated




	return is;


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Accepted Solution

jamied66 earned 0 total points
ID: 21857043
I figured it out myself.  turns out the files were deleted from the project, so they weren't intialzing, even though the files were still there.  

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Assisted Solution

Zoppo earned 250 total points
ID: 21857111
That's what I meant with 'the file where it's implemented isn't compiled' ...
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Assisted Solution

evilrix earned 250 total points
ID: 21857857
>> I figured it out myself.  turns out the files were deleted from the project, so they weren't intialzing, even though the files were still there.  
Both Zoppo and I pointed this out in the first 2 answers you received. This being the case I see no valid reason to delete this question.
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Expert Comment

ID: 21863213
There are objections:

Both evilrix and me gave the hint that it might be the file in question wasn't compiled - that's exactly what jamied66 'figured out' himself ...

Best regards,


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