Cisco Router configuration

I have 2 routers that are connected via the serial port using a cable with a label DTE and DCE at each ends. They are not talking to each other. I have checked the Encapsulation and both are using the Cisco HDLC stuff. I have also checked the clock and the DTE end states

Interface Serial0/0
Hardware is PowerQUICC MPC860
DTE V.35 clocks stopped.
idb at 0x80C0E7D8, driver data structure at 0x80C14734

The DCE end also states

Interface Serial0/0
Hardware is PowerQUICC MPC860
DCE V.35, no clock
idb at 0x80C0E718, driver data structure at 0x80C14674

I have ensured no Shutdown etc and the IP address is OK. Please help me to get the 2 routers to talk. I think it has something to do with the clock.
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bfasonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If i'm not mistaken the maximum clock rate when using the back to back serial cable is 56k so under the interface on each router you need to issues the "clockrate 56000" command.

Hope this helps
Jan SpringerCommented:
Are you using the "clockrate" command on the serial interface of the DCE end to bring the interfaces up?
aquahaysAuthor Commented:
sorry, still getting my head around this zone etc.

To jesper, i used the show controller command
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