VPN between Firebox x700 and Cisco ASA 5510

I need create a VPN site to site between Firebox x700 ( client ) and Cisco ASA 5510 ( remote ). i don't  understand how i can create this vpn. I need help!
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dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You do not have any BOVPN licenses then you would need to purchase some or would need to download from WG website and then load on device through policy manager; I think x700 comes with default 100 BOVPN licenses [http://watchguard.com/products/x700.asp]

Please advice if I have missed anything.

Thank you.
I can help you with steps for watchguard (WG), but would not be of much assitance with cisco.

In WG, go to policy manager; depending on software go to VPN->Branch office VPN; here create gateway (read phase I) settings; tunnel (read phase II) settings and finally routing policy.
Also, create a policy to allow traffic to and from the remote subnet.

Please let me know if you need detailed steps on configuring any of above.

If you have already configured, and the tunnel is not coming up. please post some logs which would help debug the point of failure.

Thank you.
mauriffAuthor Commented:
Thanks! i understand. But, the WG haven't licences.
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