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Large print job's restart using NDPS

Hello let me preface this by saying I do not know much about Netware, but my boss pushed this issue into my lap. We have a HP LJ4250N that a user use's to print large bill run's once a month. I believe the largest run is about 3000 pages. These print onto custom sized pages of cardstock. When she print's them it usually get's about halfway through the bill's and then stop's and then restarts at page 1. My boss already increased the timeout and a few other thing's that did not help. The printer is attached through the network and is on the same network as the user and server. The server has 37 GB free space on the :SYS volume which is where the NDPS spooler or whatever it's called is located. The workstation is Windows XP SP 2 with NW client 4.9 SP4. I don't know exactly how NDPS spool's a job and I am getting close to simply setting this printer up on a Windows server. We attempted to speak to the company that makes the software that the bill's print from and they simply said to increase the print spooler size however it is my understanding that there are no restriction's as long as the volume has enough free space. Currently she is breaking the job up and printing about 1000 bill's at a time which is a pain in her butt. I need to know if this is an issue with the printer or NDPS. I do not know of any NDPS log's or anything so if more information is needed I need to know where to find it. Thank You.
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Have you verified this to be an NDPS problem for sure?  If it was me, I'd try it without going through NDPS first, just to test.

Can you print to the printer via IP (skip NDPS altogether) and get perfect results or not?  In XP, it's obviously uber-simple to set this up.  That would be step 1 for me.

Step 2 - IF you verify that it prints perfect via straight IP but want to figure out what's up with NDPS, consider this:

(What are you using for a printer gateway?  Novell's or...HP's?)

Where was the timeout increased?  On the server?  I don't meet too many bosses that would know how to increase the timeout of spooled print jobs on a Netware server, so I'd love to hear what, exactly, was performed.

FWIW, most people I run into that have this issue are still using the HP gateway (not supported, abandoned by HP) and you should look at switching over to Novell's.  This TID is worth a read - I'd get off the HP stuff if that's what you are using though, seriously.

Do you have any connectivity problems at all between the Gateway and Printer that you can obviously see, or no?

Can you also include your NDPS Gateway load string?
I have seen a similar issue arise with a 4000 series HP printer. Large print jobs with unusual sized paper would run for a while, then spontaneously restart themselves at the first page.

In our case, this problem could be reproduced even when printing locally through a parallel cable. Adding more RAM to the printer increased the number of pages it was able to print, but did not eliminate the problem. We also tried bios and driver updates and rollbacks, checked hardware and networking, client software, you name it. HP support finally said "Sorry, we have no idea what the problem is."
We spend a lot of time and effort trying to diagnose the cause. The problem was reproducible even when printing locally. You may want to try the same thing yourself.

After heroic support efforts got us nowhere, we ended up buying a new printer.
cwilhelm83Author Commented:
Sorry it took a while to get back to everyone... We setup the printer locally and it did the same thing. We ended up grabbing a nice printer from someone else and tested using that and it seem's to work just fine so we will probably end up getting this user a new printer. The hp 4250n was pretty old anyway. Thanks for the answers.
Lol, old 4250's eh?  A school I do work at just started deploying those things.  They work pretty good, but I hear ya.  Not exactly cutting edge anymore :P

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