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Hello All
I am looking for a good BOOK or online reference in PHP which can help me in following objective

1. Quickly able to design my website (I have recently registered a domain)
2. Able to create following section easily

a) Member Area
b) Search Facility
c) Chat Forum
d) Job Section with option to upload the resume

3. Some basic HTML Pages and layout handling

Please advice with your suggestion as I could not find any Book that covers all these areas

Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion
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yessirnosirConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm an amateur web developer with a fair bit of experience programming with Oracle databases.  I was a total noobie with PHP and MySQL so a couple of years ago I bought "PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Luke Willing and Laura Thomson, and found it to be a good starting point to figure out the basic syntax and mechanics of getting things done in PHP/MySQL.  After a few hours working through some of the basic examples, I was able to start coding real stuff, and was able to somewhat intelligently google for more help on specific issues.  Now I have little bits of PHP sprinkled in many places in my sites:  login scripts, slideshows, feedback forms, file upload/download pages, and at this point using PHP is probably a time-saver so looking back I wish I'd bought the book and started using PHP sooner.  I see on Amazon that book gets 4.5 stars, so it looks like a lot of people like it.
DarrenMcCallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Pick you up a PHP and MySQL book, or search the web.

For PHP W3Schools is a good place to start:
and here is the PHP Manual:

It is always helpful to google for an example of exactly what you are trying to do
Java_ProblemAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this info.

Is there any good books specifically targeting my requirements that I can read. Actually, these reference URL's are all overwhelming and sometimes deviates from what I am looking for. Since time is a constraint for me, I am looking for help and that too if someone already knew where to look for - Again I am looking for a very specific requirement and sorry for that, but please reply back with specifics - Thanks
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SitePoint books are excellent both for reference and tutorials. I own several.

Looks like these would be a good fit for you:

HTH, ~Ray
Ray PaseurCommented:
Now that I read your second post, "time is a constraint for me,..." I would suggest you hire a developer.

You will be at this task a long time if it's your first web site.  You will make a lot of mistakes (we all do) and you will undoubtedly produce a first web site that is a complete throw-away.  In fact, a tenet of software development theory has always been to "plan to throw one away" and use the lessons learned to do a better build the second time around.

If you hire a developer who has done these things before, you are likely to get good results quickly.  I can guarantee that will not happen if you try to do it yourself.

Another option is to put up a bulletin board (like PHPBB) and make do with its functionality.  Maybe not perfect, but it will get you some instant progress.

Good luck, ~Ray
Most books will cover the "Member Area" but not the rest.  Like I said, it is always helpful to google for an example of exactly what you are trying to do. I doubt you will find a single book that covers all those topics.

You might be better off using a CMS (content management system) or hiring a developer as Ray suggested.
Java_ProblemAuthor Commented:
Hi All
Thanks again.
I am a programmer and can do things on my own, just that I was looking for reference or book that one single stop to all what i need. Since PHP is well known and many people uses this, i thought of asking. Still accepting valuable suggestion. At this point, i will overrule the possibility to hire someone for this work.
oops.... typo -- author is Luke Welling, not Willing
Java_ProblemAuthor Commented:
Hello ALL,

I am still looking for some more feedback from the forum on this question

Ray PaseurCommented:
Sitepoint has just released a new book:

Are you sure you don't have 125 points worth of information in the responses above?  I don't really know what else we can do for you other than the suggestions you have received here.

Good luck with your project,
Java_ProblemAuthor Commented:
Yes, the help was really good and you all deserve the share
Java_ProblemAuthor Commented:
Thanks again
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