Windows netbackup is not removing exhcange log files


I'm learning the ropes on exchange 2003 on quite a practical way, so please be patient.

I just ran windows netbackup on my eschange server, it had 8 gigabites worth of log's, but at the end, netbackup did not remove the old log's, as i belive it should have.

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lyanez30Author Commented:
Ok, I did a normal backup and the logs where cleared.
What type of backup did you do, full, incremental, differential etc?
lyanez30Author Commented:
How do I do a Full backup?, I do not see the option, all I can see on advanced (button) is Normal, Copy, Incremental, Diferential, and Daily.

I did the daily backup.
lyanez30Author Commented:
This is a screen capture of backup, it´s in spanish
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